The Moomins | Episode 01 | Spring in Moomin Valley

Hi lurkers!

The Moomins; Anyone remember this cartoon? If you haven’t got a clue what Moomins are, here’s a short description:

The moomins are a bunch of hippo-like fairies who live in Moomin Valley. They were created by a Finnish artist, a lady named Tove Janson. Her first Moomin-like character was seen in magazine Garm in 1943. In 1945 the first book about the Moomins was published and many more followed after that. Then in 1969, The Moomins were put into motion by a Japanese Anime production company. Thus, the anime The Moomins was born, and this cartoon aired in many countries worldwides for decades and decades. There’s even a Moomin Theme Park! Yeah, these Moomins are pretty awesome 🙂 Find out more about this fabulous character on the official website.

When I was a child, they aired the Dutch version here in the land of wooden shoes quite often. Even my mother loved them. The big white hippo-look-a-likes and their interesting, sometimes a bit creepy adventures had our entire household entertained for quite a few years.  I was so sad when they stopped airing it.

But thank goodness for Youtube! And, the Youtubers who take the time and effort to create complete playlists filled with wonderful childhood memory cartoons for all to see! Now we can enjoy the wonderful adventures of the Moomins once more.

Check it out, enjoy and have yourself a swell day!

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