1 Way to Help You Meet New Readers: Meet and Greet

Hello lurking lurkers, how’s life?

I figured to try something new. Rarely do I reblog anything from other WordPress Bloggers, nor do I “socialize” here in the WordPress Community. Aside from following other WordPress Bloggers, I rarely comment to their blog entries. I just lurk.

Once a blue moon, I type out a reaction to a blog. This afternoon, I stumbled upon a blog entry by Danny on his WordPress Site: Dream Big Dream Often. For some reason I thought it was such a fun idea; To try and see what would happen if I’d step out of my comfort zone here in the land of WordPress Bloggers, where all the bloggers seem to have such a wonderful story to share.

Danny came up with this swell idea of a Blog Meet & Greet to get to know others of the bloggers community and maybe even attract more readers. It’s worth a shot. So go ahead, check out the Meet & Greet post and leave a reply right here at Dream Big Dream Often.

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