New Blog Picture

Hiya lurkers, wazzap with ya’all?

We have a bit of sunshine here in the land of wooden shoes. With such good weather, I do not plan to stay indoors for too long. After finishing this random blog entry, I will head to the Garden Centre down town for some new plants in our new garden. So excited! Especially since my luck with plants hasn’t been too great. They don’t tend to survive long when under my care…

droppiepeekabooSo yep, I’ve changed my Blog Picture. Felt like putting a more personal touch to it, without actually revealing too much. If that even makes sense. I’m not too sure about the little title in it though. The Blog Picture isn’t that big and I might just consider ditching the text in the picture sometime later. Or not. We’ll see.

I will enclose this blog entry with another lovely picture of Droppie Bunny, who had fun with her blankies last night. Because she is just a cutie pie. I was thinking of using her picture as a profile picture. Might even do that. But maybe not. Who knows.

Well bye now. Have yourself a swell day and my the grace of God shine upon you.

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