Droppie feels quite at home

Hello my lurking lurkers!

How is life treating you? I hope your days have been swell. The passed few weeks have been interesting in my little world, that’s for sure.

newhomeWe have had more cold rainy and windy days in the land of wooden shoes and tulips. Autumn has really kicked in over here. It’s been 19 days ago since we moved to the new house.

We no longer have to climb 6 long stairs. No more loud noises coming from rolled up car windows in the middle of the night, echoing through the streets. No more screeching of evil critters-that-are-unassumingly-kids playing “slaughter-the-smalles-one” in the community garden. Seriously though, I don’t know what game it is they play but it always sounds as if they’re killing someone. No more 2 minute walks from the train station. No more having to stare at that ugly tower in the middle of the night when I desire to sit out for a smoke on the balcony. No more of all of that.

Now, we have a house with 2 floors, and a front- and – backyard. At night it is so nice and quiet around here, very peaceful. There’s a school nearby, yet when the children are out playing they somehow do not sound as ferocious as the horrible critters-that-are-supposedly-kids that live in the other neighborhood. Now I have a backyard to sit in and stare at the starry night. I can even see the Big Bear. I love staring at the night sky full of stars. And now I can, whenever I want in my own backyard.

Wow, what a blessing this new home is 🙂 I am so grateful how God lead us to this wonderful house.

Moving Day was quite intense. In 10 hours all our precious belongings that were mostly stacked in boxes and bags were moved out of the apartment into the new house. But the first precious thing that was in the house before those boxes were dragged in, was none other than Droppie Bunny. Little miss cutie pie was allowed to get used to the new house first.

droppiecollage2015Droppie Bunny used to have her own 5×5 [in meters]  bedroom. The new house unfortunately misses one room and therefore, Droppie and I have to share one room together. No more 5×5 meters space all to herself. The first week she was still adjusting to her new environment and didn’t seem to be bothered too much about the reduction in personal space.

Just as long as she has her blankies and is able to watch her favorite shows on TV, she seems like a very content bunny rabbit. Check out the collage on the right, of little miss Droppie Bunny chilling on the couch and on my bed watching TV. Isn’t she just a cutie pie? ❤

Some people have asked me why I don’t put Droppie and her cage outside in the backyard. But… It’s raining outside and it’s cold. Sure there are loads of wild rabbits in the neighborhood alone, hiding in their rabbit holes and eating away on grass.

Despite Droppie’s color, she is a real home Bunny. The lady is 7 years old and has lived most her life in a nice comfortable room with a central heating system. Her body is so used to the cozy temperature of indoor living. If she’d ever spend a day in this typical Dutch weather outside, the poor fluffbal would probably get very sick and maybe even die. For her to be able to enjoy the garden, she would have to adjust step-by-step with maybe a half hour to an hour a day, when it’s nice and warm outside. Like maybe during spring or summer time. Until then, miss fluffball and I will just have to be roomies.

The passed few weeks, she’s been adjusting to her new environment in her own adorable way. Droppie wakes me up at 6 in the morning every day, because she needs food and desire to stretch her legs. When I’m having a lazy day and eat a sandwich on my kingsized bed, Droppie Bunny will eat my sandwich right off my plate if I don’t pay attention. In the middle of the night when I finally grow tired enough to have the desire to stare at the insides of my eyelids and turn off my television, Miss Droppie Rabbit will make noise and will only stop making noise once I’ve turned the TV to her new favorite cartoon loop: Adventure Time. Nope, I am not allowed to turn off my TV at night.

But you know what? Miss Droppie is still one of the best roommates I ever had. I’m glad she’s feeling right at home. And because she feels at home, so do I 🙂

I know I typed this out before but…: What a blessing this house is. Thank You Lord 😀

That’ll be all for now. Have yourself a wonderful day. May the Lord bless you and keep you and shine His face upon you.

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