It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life…..

Hello dear lurking lurkers!

How has life treated you thus far, my friend? I hope your summer was pleasantly wonderful and that your days have been kind and nice to you. Hecartoon_2re we are slowly experiencing the transition towards the colder months of Autumn. The weather has been a mix of tropical sunny moments and strong windy and rainy storms. Which is quite weird, considering that this is  the land of wooden shoes, Gouda cheese and where the marvelous Vincent van Gogh was born. This country isn’t known for its tropical weather. It is known for it’s rainy almost swamp-like weather.

But things change. Not everything remains the same forever and ever. Climate changes drastically. There’s nothing more ever-changing than the weather! The only one Who doesn’t change, is God. Hallelujah for that!

The passed few days for me has been quite exciting. For we were preparing ourselves to move to a new house. I am literally living in boxes these days. Most of our precious memories are now stacked up in boxes. Boxes, that are stacked in a pile that reaches to the ceiling on the place where my beloved rabbits used to have their cages. We’ve been working day and night, packing and packing. And throwing stuff away.

In the meantime our normal daily activities go on. We still go to our jobs, go the band practice with the church band and sing every Sunday at Church. Life goes on, whatever obstacles or activities might rise to the occasion. The passed few weeks were quite hectic. But this specific week is going to be the most hectic of them all.

This week’s going to be a lot of fun. Today we will sign the contract for the new house and get the keys to the new house as well. And from today on, we will be moving our precious memories stacked in boxes to our new address. Then on Wednesday I have to take my dad to the hospital. And then Thursday I have band practice. Friday the moving company comes to help us transfer the heavy stuff from the old address to the new address. Saturday we will be in the new house, trying to rearrange the furniture. And to top it all off. I will be the worship leader of the upcoming Sunday Service.

But I do not feel stressed or worried or whatever. For this house, this new house, is a gift from God. Wow… I cannot even find words to describe what a miracle we’ve experienced thus far. From the moment we found the house to meeting the old tenants of our new address to finding the right people to help us with moving our stuff around; it is all God’s grace.

The old tenants are church people too, they are a wonderful couple who have been active church members for many years. The husband is actually a pastor and the wife has held prayer meetings for women in the house. We’ve actually become good friends ever since the moment we met. They invited us to their Sunday service last week.Thankfully their service starts early in the day, so we could go to our own church afterwards.

It was quite the experience! The husband  was giving a farewell speech to his church. They will be leaving to their home country really soon. And he said how his wife and he had been praying for people to come live in their old house with a good spirit who would also be willing to take over some furniture and the wooden floors.

houseThe joke is, that I’ve prayed for us to find a better home for years and years. Earlier this year, I had a dream. I’ve had many vivid dreams before. You can read them in my dream log, if you like. Some of the dreams are quite ridiculous, really. But this one felt different. This vivid dream, was about a house with a garden. A house, where a very tall man lived. In the dream, he lead me and my family around this blissful house with beautiful wooden floors, a second floor and a luscious garden. In the dream, the tall man said he would leave a lot of stuff behind for me and my family to enjoy. But my family and I would have to be patient, work hard and save money.

And so after that dream, I had worked to save money. Not being certain if the dream was really going to come true. I’ve never told anyone about the dream.

Then, last month on a Monday morning, we had a phone call from an aunty of our church. The three of us had started a small prayer group that Sunday Service. And this aunty from church called to ask us if we would be having the next prayer meeting in our new house. My family member and I were confused, for we were not planning to move to a new house. But then I remembered my dream and maybe, just maybe this phone call from our dear aunty was a sign. I went to search for new affordable houses to rent in the neighborhood on the internet. That’s when our eyes fell upon a picture of a house with a garden not too far away from our current address. We decided to go see the house from close by….

The old tenants of the house were praying for someone to move into the house. Someone, preferably a christian, willing to take over some of the furniture and the wooden floor. And we were praying for a house just like this. Last month we rang the door and walked into the house, feeling right at home since the very first step.

Today, we sign the contract for this blissful house with a garden, given to us by grace of God. God is so good for us.

I would like to enclose blog post with an Indonesian praise song in this blog post: S’gala Pujian Dan Syukur. It means “All praise and gratitude”

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