Pillar’s brand new One Love Revolution

Finally, after 6 long years of waiting and waiting it finally happened…! Christian rockband Pillar has made a brand new record for our ears to hear titled “One Love Revolution”.

I’ve been a fan ever since I was a spazzing teenager. They were a wonderful Christian alternative for this audio junky for sure. Their powerful message about faith, love and hope in Christ combined combined with infectious and quite diverse sounds of rock with a hint of rap have always been a wonderful Christian alternative to my audio junky needs. Thankfully I’ve had the opportunity to see this amazing band live at a Dutch Christian Rock Festival about 12 years ago. And wow, do these guys know how to do a show. They are such amazing live performers.

My poor neighbors used to be tormented by the sounds of alot of different bands and musicians pumping out of my spazzing stereoset. This also included blasting Pillar albums such as Fireproof, Where Do We Go From HereThe Reckoning For the Love of the Game and  ConfessionsAnd now finally, there is a brand new album I can blast out of my speakers; One Love Revolution

What makes this record even more interesting is that they released the album as an independent band. Thanks to fans showing their support through Kickstarter and their own hard work, Pillar managed to whip up a solid collection of brilliantly made rock tunes. The album is available as a CD at lifeway.com and digital versions are available at many other online stores. And for the broke and needy among us, [myself including in that category] the album is also hearable on Spotify.

I for one am glad they are back and am enjoying every single track of their new album. Check out the lyric video for Nails, one of the tracks from Pillar’s new album below.

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