FML: Stormy weather and moving stress

Hello lurkers. What is up?

Things have been interesting around here. The weather’s been wild, windy and destructive for several days now. On Saturday we had a strong storm terrorizing the land of wooden shoes. Since then it has been windy. The wind isn’t as strong as it was on Saturday.

I wasn’t even sure whether I’d be able to make it to Sunday Service this time, because there were several defects on trainstations after the heavy storm on Saturday. Trees got pulled around by the wind as if they were as light as a hair. Some trees landed on roads, cars, train tracks and such. The storm had caused quite some obstructions. It even killed a few people.

The media calls it “the strongest storm in decades”. The last storm we had that was this strong was in 2007, apparently. Some say it is because we’ve had such tropically hot weather the passed few weeks that it would only be fair to also have a tropical storm as well, for balance.

One thing is certain, though. There’s no use in blow drying my hair when the strong wind can model my hair to that nice trainwreck look I enjoy to wear.

That’s enough about the weather for now. I am a bit stressed out these days. You see, we are going to move to a new house. We live in an apartment on the 3rd floor right now. And two weeks ago we saw that this wonderful house with a front and backyard was rentable. So we said yes to the house. We’ve longed for a house with a garden for so long. It isn’t too big nor too small, it is just right for us. We even have room for Droppie rabbit, the furry little one has her own room now and she will have her own space in the new house too.

I am thrilled. But also stressed. Because we have 2 months to pack our junk and clean up the apartment we are leaving behind. Which is doable. But we don’t have that many people who want to help. Everyone has their own issues to solve. Which is ok. It’s our own mess we need to deal with. But because we are with just the 2 of us to fix it all, it just feels almost impossible to get things done on time. We’re talking about a lot of junk, a lot of fixing that needs to be done. And when I say a lot, I mean a whole darn lot.

We need to pack our stuff. We need to filther the stuff we don’t wat. There’s stuff from Droppie Rabbit that needs to be packed. There’s junk in the storage room from not just ourselves but from friends who needed extra space to store their junk. There’s this ugly stain on the bathroom ceiling that needs to be cleaned up. And there is much much more.

What makes it more stressful is that in 3 weeks from now, the landlord will come and inspect the state of our current apartment. So that actually means we don’t have 2 months but 3 weeks to fix everything. Because these landlords can be quite difficult to deal with. We’re going to have to start repainting all the walls. Especially in the bedrooms, because one room has red walls and the other purple walls. And the landlord expects us to bring those walls back to their original white state. It’s doable, but I can’t help but feel stressed out.

Our biggest concern right now, is the kitchen counter. Last year the kitchen counter was replaced for new and modern one by the landlord. We were thrilled at first, until one day when we were cooking up a meal and accidentally placed a hot pan directly on the kitchen counter. Our old counter would’ve had no problem with this. But the new one cracked open because of the heat of the pan. There’s now one big crack going all the way across the counter. When we asked to the landlord, hypothetically speaking, what a damaged kitchen counter would cost us, he warned us that repair costs would be for us and that it wouldn’t be cheap.

Oh and then there’s this thing that is really making want to throw bricks. I’m not sure whether to feel pissed off, angry or sad about it.

I know I shouldn’t let it get to me, I shouldn’t even be surprised about it but… Don’t you just love it, when you’re the kind of person who helps others out whenever and wherever possible yet when you are in need of help yourself, people will just leave you in your crap? I don’t expect everyone to help out, but it would be nice if at least relatives and close friends would at least respond with enthusiasm and be supportive…

When I told my supposed best friend about moving to a new house, her response was ‘oh yeah, that’s nice… listen, I need this and that can you fix that for me?” I at first figured she might not have meant it that way. That she was just focused on other things that were more important for her at that moment. Which is ok, because we all have our own stuff to sort out. But… Whenever she needs help with things I’m the first person she calls for help. Whenever she is excited about new events in her life, I’m happy for her and express this towards her. But I’ve experienced it too many times now that whenever I’m in need of help, she just goes “Well good luck with that, I gotta go, bye”.

I really thought she would at least be happy for me. That she would help out in some way or another. Even if it’s just by coming over and drinking a cup of coffee. But I guess I should have expected her to behave like this. That she would bail on me, like she has done for quite a while now. Because it is what she has always done. Maybe I’m over reacting. But I am quite disappointed.

You know what? A friendship like that is just totally worthless and useless. I really need to learn to just not expect anything from anyone anymore. When it comes down to it, all you can really count on is God and yourself. It’s always nice to be reminded once again what a forever-alone loser you are. Seriously though; FML 😦


I know deep down that things will be ok. But my gosh, I can’t wait when it’s all over and dealt with.

Thank you for lurking

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