Surrounded with boxes

Hello my lurking lurkers, how is life treating you today? Life’s been alright over here. The weather was quite hot and sunny for most of the passed days. I’ve actually had a chance to work a little on my tan, but not as much as I’d like because we’ve also been packing. In a month from now we are going to a new home.

For almost a week now, all we’ve been doing is filtering our stuff. Old stuff that we forgot we had, like pictures from my mom when she was in kindergarten or even pictures of my Surinamese grandfather. He was quite a tall dark handsome guy and my mom looks an awful lot like him…A part of me sometimes wishes I had a chance to talk to him just once. But he died before I was born, so… All we have are the few pictures of him.

Time goes by so fast. We’ve lived in this current apartment for over 15 years. Had some interesting experiences here. Good and bad memories. Survived puberty in this house. Moved out to make it on my own and then failed miserably and had to go back to this place. I’ve raised all my rabbit babies in this house. Some of them died in this house. Droppie is still around and she knows something’s going on. Of course the moving boxes that stack up in her room gives away a hint.

We’ve sure had some interesting years in this apartment. The new house really feels like a new beginning, a fresh start. Finally, things seem to look up.

The living room is filled with boxes. My bedroom is filled with boxes. The other rooms are filled with boxes. So many boxes, everywhere. And they don’t even fill all the junk we want to keep. There’s still the storage room downstairs that needs to be searched through. In the storage room I still have old books from the time when I was a bookstore owner. Hints of my old life are still stacked there. I am trying to find the balls to go down there this week and to dig through all those old memories.  A lot of that stuff will be thrown away, I’m sure. And maybe that’s a good thing.

New beginnings means leaving the old behind. A new house, a different neighborhood… No time for staying in the past, not anymore. We’re moving on. God is so good to us.

The people who are still living in our future house, happen to be christian people. And they are the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. We’ve actually become friends after the first time we’ve met. We have prayed together, for their future plans and for our future plans. It was miraculous. It was wonderful. I cannot express how grateful I am that God has given us this house. How he’s leading us to a new beginning. To this wonderful new adventure. Wow.

Tomorrow the landlord is coming for the first inspection already. We’re really hoping that this guy or chick will be laid back and not too picky. We really want to get it all over and done with.

I’m tired. I’ve had to take Noodle rabbit to the vet today, painted a few walls and carried some old junk to the dump. One thing’s for sure, there’s still a lot of boxes that still need to be filled. I better go to bed and rest.

Have a good day.

Thank you for lurking

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