Best game ever: Cat Mario

Hello lurkers. How is life? Mine’s quite hectic. Still working at the callcenter I nagged about in a previous entry. That’s why I don’t write as frequently anymore. I’m working double shifts for shit. By the time I’m home, all I desire is to sleep. But I’m trying to keep on smiling.

Playing a nice video game to keep on smiling can help a great deal. Sometimes I turn to my Xbox 360. Sometimes I turn to the illegal games I’ve downloaded off the internet. And sometimes, I turn to the rare online free gems I stumble upon. Rare and wonderous games such as Cat Mario. The website and the game is in Japanese, but who gives a frack about language when you know how to use the arrow keys on your keyboard? Cat Mario is so genius, it is even better than the original. Each level is full of surprises. The moment you start playing this game, you won’t be able to stop. It’s that addicting.

You should try it. You’ll love it as much as I do. It’s the best game ever made. This is one of those games, where a true gamer can proof what a skilled gamer her or she is. If you think you are skilled and know all the best tricks in any game, this game will put you on the test on a whole new level.

That’ll be all. I’m going to face yet another dreadful workday in a few hours.

Thank you for lurking

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