TBT: Awesome scene from Wanted (2008)

Hello my lurking lurkers!
What kind of movies are you into these days? Me? I’ve been watching a lot of movies with James McAvoy lately. It started when I picked up The Chronicles of Narnia, the book. Reading the book, led to wanting to watch the movie again. The movie, with the ever so charming Mr Tumnus, portrayed by a young McAvoy. And that’s how I ended up wanting to see more of McAvoy in general.

From The King of Scotland to his recent work in Trance, Filth and X-Men, to toss up a few titles. And man, do they show how Mr McAvoy is quite the diverse actor. From an adorable faun to an obsessive psychopath to Charles Xavier. Wow. Very much wow. Very much wow indeed.

I’m not watching his movies in a chronological order, really. I just watch whatever is already stacked upon my heartdrive and then go looking for more on kickass.to and the likes. Last night, as I tried to process my day with screaming kids and failed to find my will to sleep, I somehow ended up watching the wonderful Wanted from 2008 again. I’ve seen this one in theaters and still find myself cheering for the geeky main character of the filn. Rewatching Wanted from time to time is quite a treat. It’s always a treat to see a movie where the underdog gets to discover his real strengths.

James McAvoy isn’t necessarily a hot piece of ass. He’s not a bad looking piece of ass either. Who am I kidding? He is ever so charming, he is. Especially when he’s rocking his red beard. Which he obviously will ditch for X-Men’s upcoming film.

Oh gosh. I do have to admit that I’ve got a thing for his Scottisch charms. Too bad he wasn’t using his own accent in Wanted, though. But this scene right here is one of those scenes I just had to share with whoever lurks this site.


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