TGIF: Almost weekend


Hiya lurkers!

Just need to survive the crap scooping for a few more hours.
Just a few more hours to go. Oh yes. And then it’s; WEEKEND. I am so thrilled.

What do you look forward to,  when the weekend is nearby? I love the fact that I can just crash into a coma on Saturday to wake up on Sunday and run around like a human centipede, fulfilling several Church tasks. Yes. So much fun. No honestly, it is quite fulfilling to be this active on a Sunday. For God. 

But this upcoming Sunday I have a day off. No running around like a centipede. No. Just me sitting back to watch my borrowed daughter perform her ballet show in front of hundreds of people. It’s an event that reoccurs every year. Last year I unfortunately could not be there. But this time I could. And I look forward to it.

But I am not there yet. Still a few hours digging through the shitty job.

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