Glad I don’t have kids…

Hello lurkers,

What is up? I’m still up, while it’s 2 in the morning here in the land of wooden shoes and windmills and all that jazz.

Just got home about an hour ago, after hanging out with my 2 friends and their kids. It was fun. It really was. But uh… Each time I visit a friend with children, I thank the Almighty for only having a furry little critter waiting for me at home. And I’m also thankful for having pets that actually listen. As in, when I tell them not to do something they will not do it.

I genuinely feel bad for parents, when I see how their children misbehave and suck out the energy like the little energy-vampires they can be. How angry they can get, when their child has drawn the last straw of tolerance. How their offspring tests the patience of the parents until the last drop of patience has dropped out of the bucket. How drained the parents are after a full day of chaos. It makes you want to step in and say; “Listen kids, be nice already.” And sometimes I do that. But then I find myself feeling bad for stepping in, because is it really my place to intervene and step in like that? After all, I am not a parent.

I also feel bad for the children. Their misbehavior isn’t just there out of thin air. They don’t misbehave because they are bad children. It’s discipline they want, really. Someone to tell it to them straight and without any boo-ha, without being hurtful and mean at the same time. Which can be quite the challenge, I figure. I don’t live with a child every single day of my life. I just encounter it from time to time and go home to my rabbit. A rabbit, who mostly behaves like a charm. Except that one time when she escaped and chewed through the TV cable. Or when she ate my diploma. But should I be mad at my rabbit for doing that, or should I focus on giving the right boundaries to the rabbit to prevent her from doing things like that in the future?

droppieMy sibling and I often joke about this; How we both find it funny that our rabbits are better mannered than some of the children that we know. When I tell little Droppie Rabbit, for instance, that she should behave when I put her on the couch in the living room; she will behave. She will sit still and eat her food, even when I leave the room for a moment. Because she knows that when she misbehaves, she will be returned to her cage and there will be no TV. And TV is a real issue for miss Droppie Rabbit.

It’s been said that the intellect of a rabbit can be compared to that of a 3 year old human child. When trained properly.

Whether it be children from church members, children from close friends or just random kids we see; When some are told not to do something, the moment the parent turns around or  sometimes straight in the parent’s face the child will try to push the limit and see whether the parent means it. Of course a child can be concidered more intelligent than a rabbit. But still…

But who am I to judge? Maybe it’s easy to talk when you don’t have kids. Maybe if I did have a kid of my own, it’d be a horrible little monster like some of the kids I’ve encountered. Who knows. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate children. I was once a kid myself. I’m still a kid at heart. I can still behave like a kid myself on occasion. I just know that if God forbid it might happen that I’d have a child of my own, I’d discipline it and make sure it’ll listen just like my rabbit listens. Not with violence, or by yelling constantly, but by just being consequent and transparent.

I hope I don’t offend anyone with this brainfart right here. Just venting here. Just airing my brain a little. There’s still a whole lot of other thoughts floating up there, but I’m too tired to write about all of them. Time for bed, I guess. Tomorrow’s a new chance to ramble away.

Have a good day/night or whatever it is where you are. See you next time.

Thank you for lurking

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