4 brilliant and refreshing tips to get back to work

Back to Work course

Since about a few weeks ago I’ve been forced to enroll another “Back To Work” course set up by the government. This course is supposed to help unemployed people; by empowering them with new tactics and modern approaches to find a job in today’s world of drama.

“Great!” I thought at first. In the hopes to actually learn something new… But I should’ve known better. They use young fresh-out-of-college snobs to teach the jobless how to find a job. Because obviously, a snobby college brat “has all the know-how” to help someone with a complex problem who therefor ended up living on welfare.

I’m talking about people in welfare:

  • Who got fired because they got “too old”,
  • Who got fired, because the company had to shut down
  • Who had to file bankruptcy over their own family business
  • Unlucky ones with all sorts of family drama plus financial, mental and other problems

Not saying all college brats have lived a privileged life. I’m just ranting over the college brats I’ve encountered personally, with a horrible attitude problem and with no emphatic ability what-so-ever. Yet, these kids get to work in positions where they are supposed to “help” people. These kids get to decide whether someone deserves to stay in welfare yes-or-no, based on whether these people participate in every activity they come up with. Like a “Back to Work” course, for instance. With the most “brilliant” tips to get look for a job.

Typical  usual tips for the unemployed 

Here are 4 tips that I’ve gotten from the course so far, that are supposed to help you find a job. According to the college brat that gives the “Back to Work” course, anyway….

nr 1:


nr 2:


nr 3:


nr 4:


Some of these tips might actually work to find a job. I unfortunately haven’t been that lucky yet. But hey, maybe it works for someone else?

Have you got some interesting tips when it comes to looking for a job? Feel free to share your thoughts, ideas and experiences in the comment section! Thank you, have a good day!

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