Deformed Super Heroes

So you’re bored and you scroll around the world wide web, looking for something to tickle your funny bones. And that’s when you stumble upon the thousands of meme’s and comics of The Amazing Spiderman. The funny kind. The ones that molested many childhood memories.

Amazing Spiderman funnies such as these:

And when you’ve googled for funny Spiderman stuff, you’ll also stumble upon Spoderman, Spiderman’s special twin brother. With lots of swag.  I for one cannot help but pee myself whenever I stumble upon a Spoderman comic. Spoderman can also be found on twitter: @spodermenpls. His tweets are hysterical.

There are more deformed Super Hero twins, aside from Spoderman. There’s Gooby, Dolan, Dedpul and many more. A few people even thought it’d be better and more fun to make a website with a complete collection of Dolan Comics and the likes. Find it here.

[This version was brilliantly crafted by CallumDarbyshire]

All of them are hysterical. But, they all appear to be male. The only female deformed cartoon hero I have seen so far is Dolan’s girlfriend. But maybe I haven’t googled enough, so do feel free to correct me on this.

In the meantime, I could not help but try to make my own special cartoon hero. And so I felt it was time to create Batwoman’s better version:


How do you like?

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