Can I plz unsubscribe from the drama-o-rama-for-life trial?

I know the following is anything but a Christian-like statement. But for some reason I couldn’t help myself and had the following conversation with a customer service agent this morning, after receiving a letter about my welfare being cut in half.

“Do you enjoy pushing people to the limit, to the point they will commit suicide? Because I’m one step closer to the edge and I’m about the jump 10 floors down right now…”

Living on welfare in the land of wooden shoes is drastically changing. It was never a “dream life” to begin with and they are now making it even worse. There’s a new law that says that when you share a household with someone, regardless what their income might be, that the government has the right cut your welfare in half.  Which seems logical, if you share your household with someone who actually has a decent income.

But they already giving me less than normal to begin with, because I have a roommate. I used to do with about a rough 700 bucks a month. That’s without deducting expenses such as rent, mandatory health care, a pile of debts that I’m still paying off from the time when I had my own shop and so on. But now the government has decided that in 2 months I will have to see to survive with 350 a month. I can’t even afford the rent with that amount of money!

It’s ridiculous. The government thinks that the other person will just pay your expenses for you. If the person I share my household with, had that kind of money, this could be doable. But that is not the case. My roommate is broke as fudge just like I am. A senior, who worked her ass off for this country, paid taxes only to be getting less what she deserves for a pension from the state. Her income was already cut in half, because “Older people don’t need that much to live with”.  And now with my income being cut in half, we will be even broker than broke fudges in a few months from now.

Jesus said to give the Emperor what belongs to the Emperor and to give to God what is God’s. But I have no dime to spend left to even be able to go to church and do all the activities I used to do. I simply can’t afford the trip anymore. Those 350 bucks will be going straight to rent and health care and food for my furry fur balls, and that’ll be all I can afford to pay.

* sigh*

I’m in need of a miracle really bad 😦 I really need to find a job. And by God, for months and months I’ve been spamming job agencies, relatives and close friends with the question if they might have or know of a job somewhere for me. So far no luck. Lots of “Sure, we’ll let you know when we have anything” and “Sorry, we already have someone for the job.”

Maybe I should just go out there and rob a bank?

tumblr_m57wrmDwlY1qh5d8ko1_500Forever broke, forever jobless, forever alone and forever a loser seems to the ongoing joke that fudges my life like a bad soap opera. I’m sure there’s light somewhere at the end of the tunnel, but right now it just feels like one big fugde-the-loser-up rollercoaster ride.

This crap just keeps piling up. I never ordered any more drama from, I never signed up for that! Can’t I just send all the drama and crap back to wherever it came from?

Canceling a subscription to the gym is a lot easier than canceling a subscription to drama-o-rama-for-life, so it seems…

You know what? Fudge this day. Screw it all.

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