Papa Roach – F.E.A.R. and prepping for church band…

Hiya lurking friend, wazzap with ya’all?

I’m alright. Got myself a new set of Indonesian Jati Te. And this tea, my friend, is sure giving my bowels a nice movement. *ahum*

What I’ve been up to? Ah just the usual. Tomorrow we have band practice for the Sunday Service. We’ve got a new musician in the band who can play guitar and bass and his sister might sing with us too. Which would be nice. So today and yesterday I’ve been prepping the setlist and trying to sort out our ongrowing database of Christian Indonesian/Dutch/English praise and worship tunes. I just love it when one of the other worship leaders makes the request for a song titled “Haleluja”, to then have to go through thousands of songs with that title. But hey, it keeps a girl off the streets so I must not complain, right?

There’s a guy in the band who is still learning to play bass. He’s not used to playing Christian songs, used to play few rock tunes just for fun. Told him jokingly that we might as well pick a well known rock tune, since some can come across as a Christian tune…. I’ve had that with Papa Roach tunes, for example. Some of their songs might come across as religious.

Speaking of Papa Roach… Have ya’all gotten your hands on the latest Papa Roach Album yet? I have. And I’m mighty happy I did.

That album is totally on auto-repeat and I think a few of my neihbors are infected by the Papa Roach virus as well, because I could’ve sworn I heard their new album blasting down the streets. Which is great, makes me feel a whole less bad about the fact that I’m blowing out my own speakers 😀

Jacoby and his gang sure have put together a mighty fine rock solid assembly right here. Ya’all should check it out, for reals.

My personal faves off the new album are F.E.A.R., Gravity and Falling Apart, just to name a few. But honestly, I could play the entire album without having the urge to skip a single song. That’s what I love about Papa Roach.

Would definitely be fun to play their songs during a church service. with a few adjustments of course 😛 Though I doubt the older church members would appreciate my attempts to belch out “Face Of Everything And Rise”, at least not without causing them to have a heart attack or whatever.

In reality, we will end up playing a tune like this instead:

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