Pleasurement of unemployment

Good day to you, my dear lurking friend. How was your day? Mine was splendidly basic. It is now 2.30 in the morning while I type away on my laptop, thinking to myself; “I should really write more ramblings in here. I really should.” So here I am. Rambling. Rambling about my day. Just give me a second, I will get right to it.


So my day was splendidly basic. It was sunny but cold out and I woke up at about noonish. One of my band mates called. He first wasn’t sure whether he could make it to band practice, but called in to say he managed to reschedule. We had some small talk too. He told me how he had called with his friend in Indonesia earlier, who nagged that it was cold in Indonesia. So my band mate asked his friend “How much degrees is it over there?” And his friend said “It is 20 celcius here, very cold!” Well, here in the land of wooden shoes it was about 3 celcius during the day. But that’s of course not nearly as cold as 20 celcius in Indonesia, nope.

Afterwards I did some administrative chores, took care of my furry little girls Mashimaro and Droppie. Then printed some stuff for band practice. Had my aunt over for a few hours. Eventually went to band practice. Like I said, my day was splendidly basic.

9cd81779d122c99bdf1d6dc8c19b4967As some of my regular lurkers might have read; I do not have the pleasure of having to get up early in the morning to ready myself for whatever labor in exchange for something to fill my wallet with. I volunteer as a random jack-of-all-trades for church; might design a flyer here and there, do some computer stuff for people here and there. Every now and then I feel the urge to make some artful gunk. But to say that I have a well paying job at the moment? Well. Nope. I do however enjoy the pleasurement of unemployment. It is superb.

It is not something I am proud of, mind you. To have to admit that I currently have nothing to contribute to civilization… That I’m currently between jobs, and the jobs are spaced very, very far apart. And honestly, I rather not talk about it too much, or think about it too much for that matter.For some silly reason, the thought of myself not being tied to a job and sharing my home with my aging mother is not something I prefer to shout from the rooftops. Yet here I am, however, writing it down right now in this blog. Which is similar to scribbling down frantic notes on a wall in a public restroom, really. There’s a chance people might read it. There’s a chance no one will read it. [Apparently 311 people have signed up to read/follow my pathetic attempt of a blog for God knows why. Thank you for your interest, though.] Either is fine.

Where am I going with this? Oh yes.

BeyonzillaMadFaceToday I had band practice. And I prefer band practice, or any gathering for that matter, to go this way: The moment everyone involved with the project is present, we just get to work. Small chit-chat is fine. Talking about how wonderful God is, how amazing that one specific worship song is, is fine. Joking about how the guitarist looks like a pooping rabbit with his front teeth pressed onto his bottom lip while trying to focus on his strumming, doing spazzmic dance moves to Gandum Di Gudang and replacing lyrics with funny words to the song, is fine. And I just love making fun of how I look like I’m pooping when I’m trying to sing higher note. Some just don’t have a charming singing face anyways.

All of that is just fine with me. Just having fun, keeping it light, nothing too serious except for getting the songs right and having everyone feel comfortable in their skin, because on Sunday we all want the same thing; To bring the church into worship. And to do that, we have to stay focused, be sincere and know the songs by heart. With 2 new additions to the band, band practice went a bit scruffy but I know on Sunday it’ll all turn out swell.

My mom was at band practice too. She goes to the same church. It is thanks to her that I am able to understand most of my bandmates, because some of them speak Indonesian and I only speak Dutch and English myself. I am slowly learning to understand the Indonesian language, but my grasp of this language still is not sufficient enough to have deep and interesting conversations with.

Anyway. So my mother is there. We have gone through the setlist, we have practiced enough and ended up chitchatting for a while. Most of the conversations were held in the Indonesian language. And my mother was apparently asked about how my day had gone. And even though I do not speak the Indonesian language fluently, I do understand what they are saying. Especially when they are saying things about my persona. My mother went on and on about how I do not have the pleasurement of employment, that I live with her and how I’m always busy with my computer.

Yes mother, I am a computer geek. This should not surprise you at all, I have always been a computer geek. She also said some other things which I unfortunately did not understand, because they speak in a specific dialect too and well yeah. Let’s just say it was such a wonderful moment when all began to laugh, my mother pointing at me while laughing also. Ah, what a splendid experience it was. I just laughed too, like the silly cow I am. Because I enjoy laughing, for one thing. And second, despite the fact that I know they were talking and laughing about my persona I did not want to let them see that I found it the slightest bit upsetting. Nope. Not upsetting at all.

For some reason, my mother assumes that when I am on my computer, that I am always playing video games. And I will not deny it; I enjoy playing video games. But telling others that I am just playing video games all day long, while I might be filling out online job applications, processing Sunday Service set lists and rearranging the music database while at it, creating flyers for church events, writing letters for my Indonesian church members because their Dutch isn’t as sufficient, doing maintenance on the church’s social media sites and rebuilding their website and so on… I actually do a whole lot on my laptop, aside from playing video games.

And I know it shouldn’t bother me that my mother assumes I am just playing video games. But it sure isn’t pleasurable. Especially when she is talking about it with others, in another language and without giving me the ability to say something about it.

You know what is also a pleasurement of unemployment? Aside from people misunderstanding what you do or don’t do all day?

Having all the time in the world to do whatever it is you want to do. Because after writing the hundredth job application letter, spoken the thousandth job agency that is “currently has no jobs available” or “already hired someone”,  it is nice to do something you actually enjoy. Like writing that children’s book you’ve wanted to write ever since you were a child. Rearranging your furniture. Dressing up your pets and putting their pictures on the internet. Or pretend you know how to use a bucket of paint and a brush and call it art.

Every now and then I like to paint something. Just for fun. Yes. I have the time to focus on certain skills that I normally would not have the time for. Earlier my aunt came over to visit. She too is currently enjoying the pleasurement of unemployment. And she is baking these glorious and stupendously delicious cookies now, to make some money. In about two months she will be selling some of her baked goods at a market and her stand there has some extra space. She has seen my Gunky art and has offered me to sell some of my work there at the market, alongside her. So we’d be selling artfully baked goods and artful gunk by yours truly. I for one am excited. So is my aunt.

Ah yes, the pleasurement of unemployment is that you have all the time in the world to come up with silly and stupendous plans to earn your pay. I guess it’s nothing to be ashamed of. What do I have to lose? What’s the worst that could happen? It’s not like I will get fired if this doesn’t work out. In the worst case I will be giving my Artful Gunk away for free.

Wait, I haven’t posted any of my latest Artful Gunk here onto this blog at all, have I? Silly me! I’ll try to post some of my latest Artful Gunk soon. But not now. I will collapse in a well deserved coma right after this.

Which will be right after I’ve pressed the “publish” button. Which I will do in about a minute from now. I wish you a wonderful and stupendously splendid day, my lurking friend.

3 thoughts on “Pleasurement of unemployment

    1. Ah shoops, thanks Queen of Diamonds for the kind words and reblogging.

      Have yourself a wonderful day 🙂

  1. Reblogged this on Lessons from Diamonds and commented:
    The most hilarious and truest depiction of the joys and pains of unemployment. My preference is to stay in the house all day most days to:
    1) avoid paying for anything like gas and
    2) so I don’t have to run into anyone asking how I am, how long I am in town (I moved away to the west coast but returned for an family event and found out prior to returning that I can’t return to where I was staying), how’s the California weather( secretly I’m back east now so I’m cold like you!), how’s work and other unnecessary questions that they could find my make believe answers too if they stalked me on Facebook like me and the rest of the social media maniac-filled world!
    Viva la liberte de enemployment ( my French totally sucks)!!!


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