Aint no party like a Backstreet party


Well now. My teenybopper heart is delighted! Why? Today is Nick Carter’s 35th birthday. Yeah! He is looking mighty sporty and mighty healthy too. His wife sure keeps him fit, that Lauren is a lucky lady 😉  Nick sure is a busy guy with his solo project, the nickandknight tour and of course promoting the Backstreet Boys movie. Knowing Mr Carter a little he’ll be celebrating his 35th B-Day Kaos style. Good for him!

And it was AJ McLean’s birthday on the 9th of January. The man has been active in the gym and looking healthier than ever. He is also working on a new solo album. At least, that’s what this instagram video suggests:


But the Backstreet Boys have more to celebrate. They have that a movie coming out, titled: Show ’em What You’re Made Of. A crown to their music career, for 20+ year and counting they have got it going on.

So stoked. Cannot wait to see the movie!

Well. That’ll be all. I have my own band practice to run to now.

Later my lurking friend!

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