Get Well Tea

Hi my lurking friend!

It’s almost Halloween and I already have the perfect outfit. I still look like an extra that escaped from The Walking Dead, but my fever is gone though. Still have a bit of a cold, a gross sounding cough and a sore throat. But it’s nothing a nice cup o’ fresh home made Get Well Tea won’t fix. That, in combination with some good old chicken soap, some tiger balm and lots of sleep sure helps too.


minyak_angin_cap_langThis tea is not just healthy, it’s tasty too. I’m going to drink it throughout these upcoming colder months too. To give the tea a lil extra boost, I have also been adding a drop of my good old bottle o’ Minyak Angin to it. Now that too is some good stuff! Minyak Angin is a powerful Chinese / Indonesian medicinal green oil that helps against pretty much anything. From bug bites to fevers. It helps against a cold on it’s own pretty well. But I figured since I have to sing again this Sunday that it wouldn’t hurt to mix it with the tea. It really opens up the sinuses, clears the throat.

I’ve been using Minyak Angin for years. I love Minyak Angin, I even smear it on my Indonesian cigarettes 🙂 I even like the way the bottle looks. It’s small but looks so funky. Asian medicine is awesome.

Teh Herbal Jati Cina Indonesia

Being sick sure is a good trick to loose some weight too. In the passed week I have lost 7 kilo in total. But that’s not just due to the fever I had.

I’ve also been using this tea an aunt of mine brought for me from Indonesia. She gave me a bag of dry leaves and also a carton box with tea bags. It’s called Jati Teh. This tea tastes not so well. But I’ve been mixig it up with the Get Well Tea.

The Jati Teh is good for detoxing and helpful when you want to loose a few pounds. It gives your bowels a nice big kick in the butt. That’s what it feels like too. It is therefore advised to stay near the toilet when consuming this tea. Honestly, it almost felt like I was living in the bathroom this week.

I only drink the Jati Teh once a day now, in the evening, 4 days a week myself.

Wow, would you look at the time! It is 9 in the morning already. I believe Droppie  and Mashimaro rabbit are in need of my attention.

Thanks for lurking.

One thought on “Get Well Tea

  1. The thee sounds good. I am sick but cant sleep so that’s why I am here. Hope you dont mind? I like your site, it is funny. I will try the thee. But dont know where to find those speciale green bottle. I do think my mom can get me the munt, lemon, the ginger and the honey. Thanks for the tip!

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