Turning the clocks back, prepping for christmas in October and IQ tests

Turn back the clock joke

Hey there lurking friend,smiley=D

How was your day? Mine was alright.

Tonight is the time: The clocks go back one hour this Sunday 26 October at 3am here in the land of wooden shoes. It is actually 2am right now, so in an hour from now it’ll “still be 2am”. Luckily laptops, smartphones and all the other magical machines we humans have grown way too dependent on can all set their own clocks. But since I don’t sleep on normal hours anyways I might as well be sure the time is set right now.

I prefer setting the clock back an hour. It feels like you get to sleep an extra hour. Even though of course that is a silly thought. But ah well..

I’m feeling slightly better than the days before. Hopefully I’ll be rid of my cold tomorrow, because I have to sing in church again. Quite excited for tomorrow. Looking forward to see sing for The Lord, meet up with some of the sweetest church people I’ve ever met in my entire life and have dinner with them afterwards. Yeah, I’m very chirpy. And I’m ashamed to admit it, but I think it’s also because….. Christmas is coming!smiley=]


So uhm…

mwscaseThis afternoon I went window shopping with my mom and sibling. Most stores are already selling Christmas stuff. Some stores have actually started selling Christmas stuff in August already, which is pretty ridiculous. Who in the world can think of Christmas when they’re sweating pigs in the hot August sun?

Then again… Three-time GRAMMY® winner Michael W. Smith partnered with Rolling Stone Country on August 12th, to announce the September 30 release of Michael W. Smith & Friends: The Spirit of Christmas Album. Yep, he released a Christmas album in September! That man has made some beautiful worship songs during his career and I’ve actually seen him perform live a few times; truly a blessed man. But to sell a Christmas CD in September?

Well… Whatever floats yer boat, eey? I don’t know whether it is genius or just… Obnoxiously overenthusiastic? smileyo_O



While me, my526fb0582d862 mom and my sibling were strolling down the streets checking window stores, chewing on cough sweets, we’ve seen some funny classic ugly Christmas sweaters for a decent discount. I’m actually thinking of purchasing one for my dad. It’s kind of silly really, to be thinking of Christmas while it hasn’t even been Halloween just yet. But I somehow cannot help myself. Not that I’m going to dig up the fake Christmas tree from the shack, or hang up Christmas lights two months before the actual holiday. That’d be sillier…Although my neighbor across the street begs to differ; He has Christmas lights decorating his windows every single day of the year. Not sure if it’s because he likes to stay in a daily Christmas vibe or whether he’s just too lazy to get rid of them. It does look quite jolly to see his Christmas lights all the way from here.

Back in the days, I always thought it was weird how people would be thinking of Christmas decorations and Christmas carols in October. But now I’m one of those weird people too. Even though Christmas is just less than 3 months away, my church is trying to prepare for it already. There’s still so much that needs to be done. Last Thursday the guys of the band had already picked an Indonesian Christmas song for funzies. It sounded quite funky.

I’ve always enjoyed Christmas services. Especially when the service is not just about entertaining the crowd, but to actually spread the gospel. of course, Jesus was probably not born on December 25 but more likely in April or May, but still. It doesn’t hurt to reflect on His birthday, because Christ’s life and what He has done for our lives is one of the important foundations of Christian faith to begin with. So aside from beautiful Christmas songs and sharing Christmas dinner together, I for one enjoy a good sermon that feeds the spirit and inspires the masses.

smiley=]Yeah, I look forward to it.

Oh and by the way – What also got me extra excited this time of year for the Christmas service – The Pastor has asked me to be the worship leader for the Christmas service!! I am not quite sure what to think of this. I’ve never been worship leader during a big service before. Just normal Sunday service is quite a challenge to be worship leader for, to me. But when you have to lead 400 people for one of the biggest church events a year can have; that is just… Well, it’s an honor, that’s for sure. I just hope I won’t screw up.  I’m already having nightmares about it; Last night I dreamed that the entire choir and band were dressed up in ugly Christmas sweaters and that I ended singing Oh Holy Night, in the style of Eric Cartman… Which could either be a wonderful idea or a horrible one to actually do in real life. Of course it’s not about the clothes we wear, but still… God help me!  smiley=3


Tonight while trying to prepare myself mentally for the Christmas celebration in church and wandering through the shops of my hometown to be astounded by the wonderful Christmas decorations they had to offer in October, I’ve also managed to somehow bore myself with something else. And in this moment of boredom, I figured to try some random online IQ test. Now; I am aware of the fact that these online tests aren’t necessarily reliable or legitimate. But when boredom strikes, it doesn’t really matter whether certain tests or other form of internet entertainment are reliable. The internet: It’s meant for fun times anyways.

smiley=D It was fun actually. Especially the results of this one IQ test right  here is a lot of fun for me to see: A score of 139. According to this chart on the right, an IQ of 139 is not that bad. Not that bad at all! Yes. Apparently, I’m “super intelligent”.

Wow, my ego needs more space. Wonderful. It’s nice to know that my IQ is higher than that of Arnold Schwarzenegger  and that I’m almost as intelligent Madonna. I also was surprised when I read that Arnold Schwarzenegger on his term has a higher IQ than both President Obama and former president George W Bush. The estimated IQ scores of celebrities and politicians on the internet are probably based on good ol’ fashion bla-dee-bla. According to Wikipedia, the IQ of President Obama is unknown, while other websites claim to know otherwise.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again: Long live the internet I say, hooray for its gift to smudge the fine line between fabricated insinuations of what is fact and what is most likely a big pile o’ crock to begin with. The internet: It’s meant for fun times anyways.

Would you like to know whether your IQ is higher than that of Arnold Schwarzenegger too? Click on the link under my score.

IQ Test
IQ Test

Well then. I have about 9 more hours to go before my alarm will go off and prepare myself for Sunday Service. You could say that now might be a good time to try and sleep some. What a stupendously marvelous idea, indeed! By golly wow, I might just go do that right now.

My lurking friend, I thank you for your lurking time. If you would like to share your thoughts on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s IQ, daylight-saving time, Christmas in autumn or just feel like sharing a random trolling outburst; feel free to use the comment section below.

Oh. And feel free to subscribe for my spam, it is absolutely free. If you’re a WordPress Blogger, I’ll be glad to subscribe to your spam in return too.

I wish you good night my lurking lurker and may God’s speed and His love be with you today and the days of tomorrow. smiley=]

I said good day!

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