Christmas Wannahaves Wishlist

So. It’s that time of the year again. Time for the jolly Santa to get drunk and sit in a corner while rich folks can smother themselves and their loved ones with presents. Yep. The most wonderful time of the year.

Of course the true spirit of Christmas is the act of giving and not receiving. Jesus is the true reason for every given season and He is the greatest gift of all. So there!

It’s always nice to drool over things you cannot afford. I’ve been looking all over the web for potentional wannahaves I’d [seriously] like to have for Christmas. A girl can dream, can’t she? *sigh*


Christmas Wannahaves



[10] Troll Face Mug

You know what would make a wonderful Christmas present? A fancy mug with everybody’s favorite internet meme on it!

A large coffee mug with the troll face would definitely make me happy as can be. Then again, anything with the troll face would be awesome to have in my opinion. 

You know what would make this mug even more awesome? If it would play the infamous Trololo Song by Eduard Khil. Wouldn’t it be marvelous to drink coffee while having the trololo playing as a themesong? I troll you not. I am dead serious. I love trololo 😀

Either way, I want this mug.  Period.



[09] Shouting Snowballs

shout-snowballLast Christmas we didn’t have snow here in The Netherlands. So just in caste this we won’t have a white Christmas again this year, I’d really like myself these funny shouting snowballs. At least that way I can have indoor snowball fights with my friends and family.

According to the webshop that offers them, the shouting snowballs come in 7 different styles and have quite an attitude. Unfortunately there isn’t a troll face concluded as a style, buy you can’t have anything. Either way, I wouldn’t mind for Santa to surprise me with these for Christmas!



[08] Microwaveable Bagpuss

5797_1Apparently this Baggpuss is an iconic figure that used to star in a kids show on BBC. I have no clue what the show is about and I’ve never heard of this kids show before, but the fact that this stuffed animal can be put in a microwave is quite epic to me. To make it even more interesting, this amazing stuffed animal apparently smells like lavender as well!

So yay for a warm stuffed animal that smells really good. Whoever came up with this is a fracking genius!

That Microwavable Baggpuss would sure make the cold Christmas nights a lot more warm and cozy! I want one!



[07] Hello Kitty Gas Mask

For some weird reason I’ve always wanted my personal own funky gas mask. Maybe it’s because of all the apocalyptic video games and movies I’ve intoxicated myself with during the passed decades. Most of them end of the world themed movies and games make one thing clear – a gas mask could come in handy when the world falls into ruins.

Either way, gas masks are quite the fashion statement. I want one.  And this cute Hello Kitty gas mask actually looks kinky and cute at the same time. Would sure like for Santa to come and bring me one of these for Christmas this year 😀



[06] Funny Fuzzy Onesies

I love onesies. They are warm and they look mighty fun to wear.

According to some so-called fashionista blogs and websites, these onesies are one of the big fashion mistakes of 2012. But I’ve never given a flying frack about what the so-called latest fashion hype is. Frack it if it’s not according to everybody’s taste.

I’ve been looking for the perfect Onesie everywhere. And in my opinion, the perfect onesie is either with an animal theme or with the infamous troll face. The latter one I still haven’t found. Seriously thinking of making one myself, once I’ve figured out how.

And until then, I indefinetly would seriously LOVE myself a rabbit onesie!



[05] Wearable Sleepingbag

I haven’t gone camping for quite the while. Going camping means you have to pack a whole lot of stuff and carry it around to the next location. Which is fine when you own a car, or know someone with a car who has a passion for camping too. When you have to rely on public transportation for the most time, going camping just is quite a hassle.

BUT: With a wearable sleepingbag going camping will be a whole lot more doable!

Heck, these wearable sleepingbags are handy to take with, for any given sleep over. Even when the sleep over is indoors! You could wear these for any given reason, really. Even at work! Having a nap in this outfit seems like heaven to me. Ah… Yup, I’d sure love myself a few of these!



[03] I still want a pipboy

In my previous wannahave list I mentioned something about a fully functioning Pipboy replica. There are several creative geeks out there that have been able to replicate the Pipboy 3000, these replicas don’t come cheap.

But then I found this when I was googling for the Pipboy yesterday: A Pipboy replica for my smartphone! Which is basically the plastic shell of the Pipboy from the infamous Fallout games, with a thingy to hold the smartphone in.

It’s probably the best next thing into having a Pipboy and I soooo want it!



[02] Rabbit Carrier

babycarrierMy mom teases me all the time that my rabbits are my children. And she’s right. Because I spoil them and I like to walk around the house with a blanket wrapped around while carrying Mashimaro or Droppie in it. Especially Mashimaro enjoys being carried around like a baby.

Of course I can carry them around in my arms, but with the rabbit wrapped in the blanket I have one free hand to be able to do other things as well. Like answering the phone, or using a remote control or the qwerty keyboard of my ancient desktop computer.

What would make it a lot easier to carry my rabbits around the house and have my hands free to do other things in the meantime, is an actual baby carrier. I’d really love to have myself one of those to carry my rabbits around!



[01] A new pet

I’d love another fluffy funny animal in the house. Don’t get me wrong, I adore Mashimaro and Droppie. But it would be neat to have one of these in the house too. For nothing spreads the jolly christmas spirit better than a bunch of Magwai 😀

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