Losing stuff and honest people

My mom is a tad forgetful. If her head wasn’t attached to her body, she would have lost it by now.

There have been countless occassions when she lost her wallet in a grocery store. Countless moments of when she lost her old skool mobile phone. And on all those occassions, she always had the luck of honest people stumbling upon her lost belongings, and bringing it to the lost and found.

Earlier this weekend,  she lost her smartphone in the train. It’s not a brand new model, but still fancy. Infact, I have the same phone at the moment; a Samsung galaxy s3 mini. Good enough for all the online activity and geeky fun. Good enough to participate with all the fancy social media. A very handy gadget indeed.

My mom and fancy gadgets don’t go too well together. Before she had a smartphone, she barely knew how to turn on a laptop and how to send an email. So for her to be able to handle a fancy smartphone was quite a task on its own. Words cannot describe how proud she was of herself, to finally understand all the abilities her smartphone had to offer after months and months of trying.

So this weekend, mom came home almost in tears about the loss of that precious smartphone. Any smartphone owner would feel the same. If I would lose mine I would freak out too.

You read about kids who rob random people for these smartphones. Just a few weeks ago I heard about this girl who got beat up because some guys wanted to take her smartphone. So the chance of some honest Joe to return the phone would be very small. Of course my mom contacted the local authorities about her lost phone but. But still, we just accepted the idea that mother’s phone was gone forever.

Today I figured to get my mom a new smartphone. I thought it was so sad that she lost her phone just a few days before christmas. And so I made sure to install the new phone with this nifty app from Norton security. God forbid if mom would loose this phone, I could easily relocate it via any other device with an Internet connection. Even when the lost phone is off, the Norton app will still be able to track where it is. It has more handy safety options and I highly recommend the app to any smartphone user.


I wrapped the phone in giftpaper and when mom came home and saw her surprise she was speechless of course. She had forgotten all about her old phone already.

And then guess what? Then just an hour ago I received a text message from my mothers lost smartphone… Some honest person found it in the train and hoped to contact the rightful owner this way.

I guess there are still honest people out there after all. Hooray for that.

I just… *sigh* Hopefully I can convince the store to take the other phone back…

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