Hohohorrible Christmas Tunes…


So.. Since it’s that time of the season again, I felt like making a Christmas playlist on Spotify. Now, to be honest, in my opinion 99.9% of all the Christmas tunes that is available for the public ear is crappy and too corny for words. I simply cannot stand to listen to Mariah Carey’s whiney “All I want for Christmas”. Every time I hear yet another version of “Last Christmas” either by Wham, Justin Bieber or Arianne Grande I actually die a little inside.

So at first I wanted to go and see if I could find any songs that wouldn’t make my stomach turn. And that’s when I ended up with just putting a list together with the most RIDICULOUS Christmas tunes I’ve ever stumbled upon. I’ve found some “I-guess-these-are-kinda-cool” Christmas Metal tunes, some “why-did-they-bother?!” Christmas Dance and some “beyond-horrible” Christmas Rap tunes so far.

I suppose this means that I’ve now set up a new goal to entertain myself for the upcoming 2 weeks until Christmas: To create a HoHoHorrible Christmas Tunes Playlist. And that’s not just because it’s almost Christmas, but also because my disfunctioning brain allows me an attention span of 2 weeks to devote myself entirely on any project.

Right now the Ho-ho-horrible Christmas Playlist has about 22 tunes. It’s not allot but I’m sure I’ll find more horrid songs to add to this list. BTW: If you happen to know of any horrible Christmas tunes that aren’t included to this horrible list already, do feel free to notify me in the comment section below. Or find me on Spotify.

Now lo’ and beho’, my Ho-ho-horrible Christmas Playlist:

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