Backstreet Boys – Show ’em what you’re made of

*whoot whoot* The best boyband of the passed 2 decades sure know how to keep their fans squealing for more. Yesterday the Backstreet Boys premiered their newest video, Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of via Facebook. And now it’s finally on Youtube for all to see as well.  So, of course I had to share it here on this ongoing collection of incoherent blog posts too.

I’m so in love with the video. Cause this little piggy can’t stop squealing for more! OMG, I just love it! Why? Well, because it is so simple yet so powerful.

The song itself has a really empowering message. My rabbits like it too, and they are quite the picky bunch. You should’ve seen Droppie’s expression. Just look at Mashimaro’s expression. And holy frack, we got Brian Littrell and AJ McLean showing off some skin. Very nice. Yes. Very appreciated 😀

Oh, speaking of music with a boyband vibe: Quite recently I’ve made my own crappy remix of Linkin Park x Steve Aoki’s Waiting For A Light That Never Comes. Voting has began and the winner could win all sorts of wonderful prizes. I doubt I’ll win but it’d be nice if you’d at least give my song a spin? Thanks hippie.


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