Backstreet’s Back in Europe in 2014

OMG! I just spazzed like a teenager when I logged onto Facebook today only to find the status update by the Backstreet Boys;

Backstreet’s Back in Europe in 2014

S0117I just think it’s cool that these guys do so much for their world wide fanbase. I mean, it’s easy to just attend a random festival and do a show there for your fans. But to have your own tour and give complete 60 to 90 minute lasting concert shows for thousands of fans is just… That’s awesome. I have lots of respect for that. The BSB just keep coming back to The Netherlands in a short amount of time, actually. The guys have been here last week already, to do a bunch of interviews and radio shows. And then this upcoming week they will be performing in a Dutch popular Soap in front of a bunch of lucky fans. All that the fan has to do the able to attend the Soap appearance is send in a cameo of themselves, convincing the viewers why they deserve to be in the Soap and see the BSB perform there. Well frack, I can’t think of anything not corny to say about it… I’m still trying to think of anything more nifty to do for the contest. Cause who knows, right?

So I was already quite BSB-psyched already for the passed days. Maybe that’s why I somehow ended up making Linkin Park’s remix sound like a BSB thing *grins wickedly*.

But the excitement doesn’t end with just having the BSB doing random little shows in this country. ‘Cause today I went to their website and got even more excited when I noticed this:

24/03/14 Rotterdam, Netherlands | Ahoy Rotterdam

*whooot whooot* Backstreet Boys are coming to modafrackin’ Rotterdam! Totally PSYCHED! :D:D:D:D I feel like a 13-year-old! Then again, I’m a big kid anyways 😛 But OMG, I’m so frackin’ hyped right now.

Oh, and to top it off; Here’s a little preview of their new video. Always nice to see the guys show off their wonderful talents to the world. It’s nice that they show some skin too. Very much apreciated. Very nice, very… *drool*. And I think this song is just so powerful. OMG, I cannot wait to see these guys live on stage again. Totally looking forward to it 😀

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