Random bla bla

It’s Sunday. Another lazy Sunday. And I’m sipping hot chocolate again. I just love hot chocolate. Especially now, when the days are getting colder. You know what makes hot chocolate even better? When you add a splash of pina colada to it. Makes it soooo tropical. So yum! Somehow I just can’t get enough of the hot chocolate. Yummm…

Anyways…. So uhm… Want to see something cute? Here’s a picture of Mashimaro with my brand new midi-keyboard ——-> IMG_20131121_132831

Awww, she’s just too cute! She doesn’t dare to touch the keyboard anymore, though. Last time she accidentally placed her paw on one of the keys and the noise made her freak out so much, the poor thing. Almost made her fly off my lap straight into the kitchen if I hadn’t hugged her a little tighter. She can be such a neurotic little thing, really.

Speaking of neurotic sounds; This week I made this remix of Linkin Park ft Steve Aoki’s Waiting For A Light That Never Comes, for the Indaba Remix contest. If you’re bored and have nothing else to do right now, plz go click and listen to it. Would be fun if you did. Thank you.

Moving on…

Friday morning I logged onto the ticketmaster website and called my sibling  to buy TICKETS FOR THE  UPCOMING BACKSTREET BOYS CONCERT IN HOLLAND! Gosh, those tickets sure sold out fast. Within 20 minutes there were no Golden Circle tickets left (with those tickets you are reallllly close to the stage). I was a itsy bitsy bummed out about that.  I never expected the tickets to go so fast. But hey, Backstreet Boys still got it going on for 20 years. So it appears.

For almost an hour, I kept refreshing the site in hopes the Golden Circle tickets would somehow be available again, but nope.. Which kept my sibling and I had wondering wether we should go at all to the concert and buy tickets yes-or-no for quite the while.

The only available tickets at the ticketmaster website were pit tickets. What’s nice about pit tickets is that if you arrive early at the concert venue, there’s a fat change you might get to see the performance from really close. All it takes, is for you to sleep at the parking lot of the concert venue the day before. And once inside, you’ll have to be sure to prepare yourself for battle.

Slam-Dancing-in-the-Mosh-PitSeriously, if you think a mosh pit at a rock concert can be quite aggressive, just imagine being pushed around by thousands of screaming girls! For some reason every 25-something becomes a little teenager again at these shows. And in the worse case, they’ll act just like the teenagers from 20 years ago – Those kids were VERY aggressive!

My sibling and I were wondering whether we wanted to face all of that again. Whether we wanted to punch and shove other chicks just to be able to have a decent spot at the concert. Whether we were willing to go 24 hours with barely any sleep. I’m 30 now, I’m not that 13-year-old anymore that can slip between the tall fat chicks and then pout at security for a better position at the concert.

On the other hand… We’ve always had pit tickets, we’ve always returned home from a Backstreet Boys concert with bruises all over. And every single time again, it was totally worth it 😀 And so I ordered the tickets and am sooooo excited to see the guys perform live again.

BG1cropdummy1Oh, and I’ve made this request to the guys of the Backstreet Boys. I’m not sure if they read it but I sure hope they will do it. For  what I’d really love for them to sing, aside from all my favorite BSB tunes,  is this song by amazing Eduard Khil: The infamous trololo song. I just love that song so much and it would be more than awesome to see my favorite boyband sing that wonderful  song.

Seriously, I love the trololo song so much that I want it to be played at my funeral. But since I don’t intend to die anytime soon, I would love to hear the song ANYWHERE performed by ANYONE. And so please Backstreet Boys, do the Trololo for me in Ahoy Rotterdam, it would be more than appreciated!

Gosh… I better go… I’ll be leaving you with a nice video. Have a nice Sunday, ya’all.

2 thoughts on “Random bla bla

  1. Great post. I was checking continuously this blog and I’m impressed!
    Very nice, specially the last part 🙂 I care for such blog bits, I
    love how you share your personal thoughts.

    Thank you and good luck.

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