Why am I doing this again?

Every now and then, these silly impulsive urges take the best of me. I’ve learned to maintain it a little better now that I’m older, but as a kid it was quite… Lame. It’s like… Well… Well… It kind of feels like… Being so drunk, that you end up dancing on the counter of a grocery store, if you are able to keep your balance at all.  Drunk people rarely are embarrassed for their actions. Not until the booze has worn off, only to find out someone put the drunken escapade on the internet for everyone to see… That sure makes a hang over even more uncomfortable, don’t it? Just… Imagine how that feels like. Just soak it in. Feel it deep within you. I’ll give you a moment…



So… That’s kind of how my silly urges sometimes tend to feel like, afterwards. Except for the fact that I’m completely sober (most the time) when I’m having these impulsive urges…  Long story short: I tend to make a fool out of myself every now and then. Why? I don’t know. I blame it on ADD, and any mind altering substance I’ve ever experimented with in the passed decade.

Anyways… Wanna know what lame impulsive urge I gave into this time? Well… I entered a fracking remix contest, again!

As a kid I tried to learn to play the keyboard but never got that far and then I grew older and hardly touched the instrument since. But then last week I felt the silly urge to buy myself a MIDI-Keyboard.  BTW, I am madly in love with this little thing right now. It’s quite a nifty machine. With the right software and some skill, you can do anything with it.

And since I am still having these silly urges rising up within my ADD being, I then decided to enroll myself in another Indaba Remix Contest. This time I’ve molested Linkin Park ft Steve Aoki’s Waiting For a Light That Never Comes. After playing around with my new midi-keyboard for a few days, tormenting my neighbors and rabbits, I somehow managed to make the band sound like a frackin’ boyband. Yep.  A boyband on crack.

Yes. I am lame as frack. Compared to a lot of other people who have entered the Indaba Remix Contest, I know my stuff still sounds kind of silly. But oh hell. So why am I doing this again?  Cause I don’t know why. Just for the kick, I guess. Because I like to make a fool out of myself. Cause I’m an idiot like that.

So… Screw you hippie and just give it a listen. Click on the picture below, it’ll bring you to my Pop Delite Remix, as I’ve titled it myself. Because it sounds quite poppy.

And while you’re listening to that crappy remix, vote for me too. I don’t intend to win but would be nice if someone voted. Thanks hippie.

6 thoughts on “Why am I doing this again?

  1. I really like your remix. It suits the holiday season, almost christmas so very smart of you. Who cares if it sounds like boyband? Linkin Park is boyband anyways, hehehe 😛

  2. I think your remix sound different than the others on Indaba. It’s original and unique in it’s own way. Maybe not flawless but impressive. You should make more!

  3. Hi there, I noticed your blog. Your story-telling style is awesome, keep it up! And your remix actually sound really nice. You should not talk yourself down like that.

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