Inspirational Game to get you through the day: …But That Was [Yesterday]

Since it’s Sunday, I felt like sharing this moving game that I stumbled upon a few years ago titled: …But That Was [Yesterday].

During the game, this blue boy encounters all sorts of obstacles and challenges that could set a person in a gloomy mood. The powerful message of the game is that even though life gets hard at times, we got to keep moving on. It doesn’t help to keep looking in the past if you want to get ahead in life. Not saying you should just forget the past. Cause you don’t have to forget where you came from, you can learn from the experiences you’ve gone through and focus on the positive things. At least, that’s the vibe I had while playing the game. A very valuable life lesson for all of us.  Oh, and the game has 3 different outcomes.

Click link to play: Play …But That Was [Yesterday], a FREE online game on JayIsGames.

After exploring this beautiful game I could not help but wonder who made it and whether this person had any more games like these somewhere on the web. Here’s a link to MrBean (not the funny British alter ego of Rowan Atkins, I’m assuming). So, for info and more of these games, click here.

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