Bloody Bunny?

20131015_123719Queen Mashimaro sure gave me a scare earlier today! Just when I was about to fetch her from her cage after preparing the couch for a bunny-proof cuddle session, I discovered a puddle of blood in her cage 😦 I could feel my heart drop, wondering what could be the cause of her bleeding!

All sorts of doom scenarios passed my mind at that moment; I was very scared for her that maybe she had a tumor in her uterus or something and that the bleeding was caused by something like that. The mind is quite mean at times. Especially when you know that she was tested by the vet for cancer and such before the summer. And they told me there was no sign of cancer in her little body.

The only physical issue Mashimaro has is that her bladder is oversensitive. Nothing lethal, but can be painful for her when the weather changes. A regular old lady’s handicap, you could say. But when I saw the blood this morning, I kind of freaked out…

bloedTrying to keep myself calm, I picked Mashimaro up and a phone, ready to dial the vet’s number.

Mashimaro kept grumping as I took her on my lap,,. Only to discover that she had broken a nail. Her little paw was covered in blood. I checked her for other wounds, but it appears that the puddle of blood was thus caused by this broken nail.

I was so relieved!  Don’t get me wrong, a bloody paw is still a sad sad sight to see, but thankfully the blood didn’t come from another source… And thankfully I can fix her bloody paw myself.  Washed the blood off her paw and overshower her with cuddles and her favorite veggies.

Thank God my little bunny isn’t bloody anymore.

And now I have to go and wash Queen Droppie again… Not because of a bloody puddle, but because of some other crap… In the literal sense… ‘nough said…

Later gater…

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