Drop it in the cloud?

fat-phoneEversince I got a smartphone, I keep snapping all these pictures with it and installing all these wonderful apps like the Gameboy App and Gun Simulator, to name a few…. And thanks to this, I have received the message that my phone is running out of available storage quite often.

And yes, of course I do have a micro SD card for extra storage, but 6GB apparently isn’t enough. (Well duh..) Cause like any other smartphone owner, I just HAVE to snap pictures of anything I encounter.

I just HAVE to snap a thousand pictures of Mashimaro and Droppie, because they just do so well on camera. bunnysnaps

And obviously, I just have to snap a picture of the tasty food I eat. Especially when it’s food I’ve made myself. And especially when the home made tasties look pretty darned funny.foodsnaps

And like every other forever alone, I just HAVE to snap pictures of my friends whenever we are doing something together. Whether it’s  a random moment like dressing up for a Fantasy Fair, making a life size Pinata or seeing how one of their little angels beats up other little angels.kidsnaps2

So, last week my smartphone alerted me again that it’s storage capacity had reached it’s limit.  Not wanting to delete every single picture, I had to resort to other services to be able to store my on growing photo collection. And so I tried a cloud storage service.

And yes I am aware of the fact that cloud services exist for quite the while now. But just a few days ago I discovered that it is a whole lot easier to just have a something like Dropbox installed and have the application back-up my files for me. It’s fabulous, so handy!

Call me silly, but I was always a tad skeptic when it comes to storing data online. Somehow I couldn’t help but have these silly conspiracy theories plagueing my mind; How my precious files would be accessible for any given soul with an internet connection, if I’d use a cloud storage. Technically, the whole cloud storage stuff basically just means that your data is stored somewhere else, on one of the millions of servers that are stacked in data centers. I’ve been inside a data center once, it’s quite an impressive sight to see; All these rows and rows of servers with millions of precious data stored onto them. These data centers do have an impressive back-up power plan, comparable to a hospital (maybe even better).

But then I figured; What the hell, the government is eavesdropping our emails, text messages and phone calls and what-not-else we do on the internet anyway. So what’s the difference when I store my loopy pictures of my fat rabbits on a cloud storage service and someone else would be able to see them too? So what if I’ve stored mutiple pictures of my trololo cheesecake in the cloud service? Let the government have peak at it if they get off on such a thing.

Note to self: Privacy is a big joke, it’s bullshit and totally overrated. Privacy is a fracking bunch of mumbo jumbo. Privacy is something they had in the stone age, when there were no phones and no internet connections.

If you want to experience some real old fashioned privacy, your best bet is to live like a hermit in an underground cave and disconnect yourself from the online world. Which isn’t a bad idea, if you ask me. Might just consider to do so someday. Or you could consider to install a Tor Browser, get rid of your social media accounts and stop sharing every single boring moment of your life online.

But I am drifting off again, sorry. Now going back to my blabbering about this wonderful experience I encountered with the cloud storage stuff...

boxSo all in all, I can’t help but express my enthusiasm about Dropbox for now. A very handy tool. Very easy to use. You can install it on any device with an internet connection. I love the fact that when I alter a file that I’ve stored in the cloud, the altered file will be accessible on both my smartphone as my crappy Pentium 4. I love the fact that thanks to having Dropbox installed on my crappy Pentium 4, my stone aged computer now has more storage space on its own harddrive and therefore making my old run down PC much faster.

But to be honest; I’ve used “cloud storage devices” before. I mean, aren’t websites like Photobucket, Picasa and even FlickR cloud storage service as well? And some of those websites exist for over 10 years already. Cloud storage/ online storage or whatever is not that new, they’ve just given it a fancy new name. Same goes with the smart phones that are actually just derived from the PDA‘s they invented 30 years ago.

But anyways… Cloud services…

There’s  Google’s Drive, which I have been using for a few years now. Very handy as well. Wouldn’t want it installed on my smartphone though. Cause: Google Drive tends to change the  your files without the user being aware of this process. Not very handy when you want to download that file again to another device and aren’t able to open it anymore, because the file type has changed.

Then there’s Skydrive. But I haven’t tested Skydrive yet, so I can’t spill my 2 cents about that cloud storage service. I know it’s a microsoft product and it appears to offer 7GB of storage, but that’s about all I know so far. According to a whole lot of microsoft fanboys out there, Skydrive is much better than Dropbox when it comes to storing your word documents and such. And I am sure there are plenty more cloud services alike to be found on the net.

Dropbox seems decent to me so far… At least it doesn’t change the stored file types without my permission, as far as I’ve noticed. The not so interesting side is that when you have a free account, you have about 5GB of storage, which will become full eventually. You can expand the storage size by inviting friends to use Dropbox too, though. Or consider to pay 10 bucks a month for more storage.

Leaving me with a routine that I’ve been doing for years now; Plug in my external drive to then transfer ALL the files from Dropbox (and other devices) onto my heartdrive. Then I can wipe Dropbox again, so that I have a nice and empty box to temperarely store my future data in. And as I write this down and reconsider the whole idea behind the cloud service, I just can’t help but think how RIDICULOUS it actually sounds. I guess cloud storage is like a real cloud, a collection of hot air. God forbid if that cloud would ever leak data like raindrops… Or of the data center would crash…

When it comes down to it, I still consider my good old 1TB heartdrive a better storage tool than a cloud service….  For barely E 70,- I have been able to store my precious personal data and online collectibles for the passed 5 years now and I doubt any cloud storage could ever offer me the same… And yes, 1TB will become full eventually, but I guess I rather spend another 70 bucks for yet another external heart drive in the future, then to spend 10 bucks a month (or more) for a cloud service. Even if it’s quite handy, like Dropbox. It’s a nice back-up plan, a temporary back-up plan.

Another nice thought about my external heart drive: At least my external heartdrive isn’t linked onto the internet on a daily basics, allowing me to assume that at least those files are stored in a secure and private place. Because I don’t believe that solely protecting an account for any online service with just a fancy password is enough security. Your best bet is still, to go and find yourself an underground cave and hide your most prized possessions (or data in this matter) somewhere where there is no internet at all.

Gosh, I so love my heart drive 😀 heartdrive

Well then… That’s all for now. And now I’m going to stare at some rain clouds while guzzling on some more hot coco with a bite.

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