It’s Autumn, yay! Hooray for cozy warm homes!

Don’t you just love the rain? It’s been pouring and pouring here in Holland for the passed days. They are saying that the passed week we’ve had the same amount of rain that normally falls in a month. But they tend to blow things out of proportion in the news, so…

Call me nuts, but I love it; Dark clouds and raindrops dripping down my window. I love wearing boots and they are more suitable for autumn weather than hot summer days anyways.

Besides… I am more of a hermit anyways, staying inside all by myself with just my furry little friends isn’t a problem for me. I’ve got my xbox to entertain me and a nice collection of downloaded cartoons and movies. I’ll survive. It’s not like I have anywhere to go. And I love to light my scented candles everywhere in the house and to just guzzle away on some hot coco with a bite 😛 And then watch the rain from my warm cozy little ghetto appartment window, with a fat rabbit on my lap and a xbox controller in my hands.

2013-10-06 17.37.56Lovely, just lovely. Isn’t she the cutest thing ever? Her, and of course her sister Mashimaro. Awwww 😀

Last week was my birthday.  Somehow it kind of feels like a marathon with breaks for some reason. Cause on my actual birthday I intended to go to the movies with just my mom and my sibling. Cause my mom never goes to the movies so I figured it’d be fun to take her out like that.

But unfortunately there weren’t that many good movies out in the theater that week. My mom is retired and not the youngest anymore, so to take her to a movie like Elysium (which I have seen already and is a very good movie btw) wasn’t an option. And for some reason, none of us was feeling too excited about Sandra Bullock and George Clooney floating in space for 90 minutes. The other option was Disney’s Airplanes (I guess it’s cheaper to make another movie about vehicles, huh?) and some documentry about the wild live near my home town. That last one is actually quite impressive, but not something we felt like paying tickets for…

2013-10-07 1853 trololoSo we figured to just stay home, ordered ourselves pizza and stuffed our faces with the Trololo Mango Cheesecake I made the night before.  I must say the cake came out pretty good. Even felt a little bad about having to cut the troll face into pieces. But the mango cheese cake was just TO DIE FOR!

The rest of the evening we ended up playing old skool games. My sibling surprised me with this very old game we used to play when we were kids called Lost Eden. And my mom was very excited about this old skool gameboy game. Anyone remember The Rescue of Princess Blobette? I have a Gameboy Emulater installed on my Old skool Pentium 4 for quite a while now. And now I also have the app installed on my smartphone.  Gameboy games are quite addictive. For us it was a fun trip down memory lane and we sure thought it was fun 🙂

BTW, If you’d like GBA App on your smartphone as well and be able to play old skool gameboy games, go here. It sure made us geeks overjoyed 😀

Anyways… Then a few days later, I went out for lunch with my dad and my sibling to celebrate my birthday again. Was lots of fun and nice to catch up with him. I don’t see him that often. So it was a nice surprise to sit with him and my sibling. We had lunch at Tante Truus, a local restaurant where they offer people with a physical or mental disability to waiter or work in the kitchen. They have the best home-made cookies there. Their menu is so funny, with dishes named “Big Butt” and “Make Me Pretty”.  I love eating there, those handicapped waiters and waitressess have more spunk and better social skills than some of the waitresses I’ve seen in a normal restaurant…

Next week I will be going out for drinks and a movie with a friend. Then the week after that I’ll be going to Starbucks and hang out with some more friends. Fun times! We don’t have Starbucks in my hometown and I love their coffee. I love coffee in general. So to go to Starbucks to me is a real treat. So yay!

I used to dread my birthday.  Planning a party and then have most of the guests cancel  because they all have something else to do… Yep, just a regular loser here..

For some stupid reason I tend to reflect on my life during birthdays, and think of how much things suck and how I could’ve done things different and wish I hadn’t done some of those things at all. But I don’t care about that anymore.

This year, for the first time, I really don’t give a shit anymore. In the sense that life is life, you win some you lose some and life will go on with or without you… So your best bet is to just live life and have fun with it.  Apreciate the little things. Cause if you can’t appreciate the little things in life, you won’t be able to appreciate anything in life. And life is actually pretty darn fracking awesome 😀

Anywayz… My mind is drifting elsewhere again. Lookie here, I drew two castles made of glass a while ago:

Speaking of drawings. As a teenager I had this “tic”, if you will, that I just HAD to draw on any kind of surface; I’d carry a dry marker around and would draw on tables, doors, floors, subway benches, bathroom walls and even people (if they wanted me to). Fun times.  Yeah… as a kid I used to draw a whole lot more. Here’s a drawing I made on my bedroom wall 15 years ago (when I was 15).

2013-08-07 1410

Well then. That’s enough rambling for today. I better go… and pinch my fat rabbits.

So enjoy the rain. Bye!

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