Yes, yes… I know I’ve put this song up here before quite recently, (only a fart ago, yes) but I can’t help my geeky self. I’m one o’ those annoying fans that randomly bursts out in enthusiasm whenever my favorite musicians come out with something new, ya’know. And right now I am overly enthusiastic about Linkin Park ft Steve Aoki’s A Light That Never Comes. (Or as my mom calls them; “The very Link in the Park”) Aaah, what a lovely collaboration this is!

20130918_201951-1-20%Along with a lot of other Linkin Park songs, this one sure fits my gamer playlist: Running around Stillwater with my sort-of Mike Shinoda clone while waving with an RPG Launcher sure is quite the experience, I tell ya. *drools*

FYI: I know the latest GTA Game only came out hardly a fart ago, but I’m  more of a Saints Row fan. The new Saints Row 4 came out this year too, also hardly a fart ago and so I’ve been having myself a little Saints Row marathon on my Xbox 360 for the passed week now. I’ve finished Saints Row 1 and have started on Saints Row 2 only yesterday.

According to my sibling I tend to create “Mike Shinoda look-a-likes” whenever I create a character for whatever game I play. So… Yeah… Can’t wait to see the next Mike Shinoda look-a-like wave with a Rectifier Probe. I also have a Mike Shinoda clone running around in the Capital Wastelands, munching away on human flesh and chucking around with nukes…

Note to self: *scratches ear while re-reading the last few sentences* Yes, I have absolutely no life…


Speaking of games; Linkin Park finally launched their game LP Recharge on the 12th of september. And A Light That Never Comes is, apparently, also hearable in-game and obviously suits the theme of the game.

Maybe a bit silly of me, but I was actually hoping for it (the game) to be  iOs/ Android compatible (so I can play it on my smartphone), but I either haven’t looked in the right places or it’s not there. It is however accessable throughout Facebook. From what I’ve seen on their website, the graphics seem friggin awesome and if my run down PC wasn’t as run down as it is I’d definately give the game a spin.

Oh well… I’ll just hope for an iOs/ Android compatible version. How much cooler would it be to actually play LP Recharge wherever you are *smiles sheepishly*


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