When boredom strikes…

Hello there! Lovely day, isn’t it?

I am bored as frack, so I am going to try and update this blog via my smartphone. Again.  I’ve posted a bunch of crap via my WordPress App before. But somehow posting a Youtube clip through the WordPress App on my smartphone is less challenging than actually writing an entire blog entry, complete with funny pictures to make up for the fact that my blog entries tend to be… constantly straying from one subject to the other.

I love the fact that while I might be sitting outside right now finding cover for the rain at a train station and stroll the internet and update my blog at the same time.

Have I mentioned yet how much

I love my smartphone?

Well, now I have 😀


Autumn is kicking in and so we’ve had some “surprising” wheater the passed few days. Hail rainy days and such. Hail for hail! Hail…

*note to self: lay with no more bloedwijn in the morning for you, missy!*

Since it was such a wonderful and inspiring weather all the jolly darned days of the week, I felt like playing around with some paint on canvas again Yesterday. Unfortunately all my paint brushes have been tortured so badly and look like they’ve been inserted into the type of gunk not even a garbage man would want to pick up, so I used rubber gloves and dipped my hands in the paint instead. I like painting with my “bare” hands, it pleases the inner childish feelings :-p.

And the result are these 2 horrible pieces of God knows what:



I like to make ‘sets’. Been wanting to do something with the big rings for a while. And now I did. And just like with my previous paintings, I’ve basically just used the junk I’ve had laying about in my hobo-like bedroom; I used the nets they sell oranges in and used some of my old make-up and nail polish, aside from some cheap regular gouache that I bought a while ago at a kids store.

See, unlike other so called painters and artists out there, I am actually broke as frack like Van Gogh and the likes when they were alive and spazzing. And I am not assuming my paintings or any mental outbursts that I have in a creative process will ever become worth more than a frack of a frack once my lifeless body is being processed asfalt to improve the roads with… Not that I would dare to compare my spasmic attempts to paint anything like what Van Gogh ever made. Then again, when the poor man was alive nobody liked his stuff either.

But I am drifting off, let me get back to whatever it was I was writing about a second ago. Oh yes, how I abused some canvas with paint and litter. Well… If you like these two horrible displays of my insanity, you should check out the other crap I made on Bits of Paint. (Look in top bar).

Might make some more but with my attention span we’ll just have to wait and see…

Whatelse is there to share about my miserable meaningless life? Ehh… Oh my mom had her birthday this monday and my only grandma turned 91 Yesterday. I haven’t seen or spoken to my granny for years due to the typical family issues that I wont bore you with for now… But since grandma turned 91 I figured to just call her. Lucky for me, none of my unlovable white relatives were there. Except for my dad. We had a surprisingly nice chitchat. I really should check up on granny more often… *sigh*

It is so friggin cold. *brr*

And now… I am going to hit the showers.

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