Nick Carter’s Horror Movie Project

This morning I was checking Facebook and stumbled upon Nick Carter’s status update: To check out Evil Blessing, his latest movie project.

So… It appears Nick Carter doesn’t just sing and dance as a Backstreet Boy; he has more hidden talents. For instance, he likes to draw and he used to make a comic loosely based on the Backstreet Boys 10 years back with help of Stan Lee.

Most of the die-hard fans out there may know about Nick’s desire to become an actor when he was a kid. I recall he did appear in Edward Scissor hands as a little boy and later on as an adult in an episode of 8 Simple Rules. Then a few years ago he was in a bunch of unknown short films (The Pendant, Kill Speed and The Hollow) before.

And now Nick Carter takes on the road to the big screen again. Not as an actor, but as an aspiring screenwriter and film producer.  He wants to make a horror movie titled Evil Blessings and it is about three friends who go up to the mountains to hunt, but soon discover they are the one’s being hunted by an ancient family of evils. I for one LOVE horror movies so I sure am curious to see what this project will lead to. Hope it’s not going to be one of those horror movies that make me chuckle. Like I’ve mentioned many times before in this blog; I tend to crack up during Saw and the likes.


Right now Nick is looking for a way to fund the idea and so he started up an Indiegogo Campaign to raise money and reach out to the fans to help pitch in. For those willing to donate more than the avarage fee (3 zero’s) are granted a ROLE in his film and more. Read all about Nick Carter’s latest project movie project here and here.

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