Dear diary

[ I am writing this blog entry on my smartphone; man it is so weird not to use a keyboard… ]

The passed week I had a sleep over at my best friend’s house. Her kid is going camping with a bunch of other kids for an entire week…

It will be the first time for her daughter to go somewhere without a relative. So the passed week we made it extra special for her. We made an Indonesian cake together, went to the beach and had a movie night. I also helped prepping for the kid’s trip; making name tags in the clothes and such.

Then friday my best friend’s new boyfriend and his kid dropped by. It sure was interesting to meet them both.

Saturday it was the day to bring my best friend’s kid to the bus, which would take the kids to camp. It was weird to see the little girl enter the bus by herself and watching the bus leave with all the parents running and waving.

I made the kid a travel diary, so that she can write about her adventures during camp. Sure am curious how she is experiencing this week without parental supervision.

Yesterday my best friend and I went to church. Her new boyfriend wasn’t too excited about coming with us, so he left with the excuse that he didn’t have his church outfit with him… Right after he left, we saw a friend of ours walk by and she was surprised to see us up so early. That’s when we invited her to go to church with us.

The Sunday service was really nice. Every first Sunday of the month is a Holy Supper with wine and bread. I also got the chance to use this wonderful bible app; olive tree bible study. And the pastor read passages from a few of my favorite bible chapters. Isaiah 54 just gets to me every time.

Today was weird and fun. It was pretty hot throughout the day. Later we went to the prayer evening. My best friend and my other friend haven’t been to these kinds of prayer meetings often. A few of the regulars came and prayed with them. It was an interesting experience for us all. I usually pray in the comfort of my own home.

After that, my best friend suggested to have a drink in the city. We had just found ourselves a seat and ordered our first drink when it started pouring cats and dogs. But we were in such a good vibe that the weather didn’t bother to either of us.

Then it got a little weird. We were about to finish our last drink and prepping to leave, when this girl came to us. She told me that the guy she sat with was dying to speak with me. I told her I wasn’t interested. She begged me to tell him that in person. I looked over at my friends. They were both as dumbfounded as I was. But fine, I went over there and told the guy nicely that he should find his luck elsewhere…

We did end up talking a little more with the girl. For some reason she thought I was cool for not wanting anything with the guy she was with. She seemed like a fun spirit. So we swapped email addresses.

It has been a few interesting days so far…

And now I am tired and my hand feels numb from typing on this smartphone…. Next time I’ll use a real keyboard instead.

Good night.

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