How I protect my smartphone

[Here comes another blog entry written entirely on my smartphone]

I went to the beach with my sister today. Because it was late in the afternoon and not as hot as previous days of this brief summer with unexpected tropical moments, we had the beach all to ourselves, almost. Ah yes… It was lovely!


But since we both wanted to dive in the lake, which would mean we would have to leave our precious belongings unattended, we thought of a way to atleast hide our smartphones.



It was a good thing we protected our phones… I am actually considering to protect my phone like this from now on. Maybe even add some blood stains to the sanitary napkin with the phrase “Try the ketchup, mothafucka”. Would be hysterical to the least.

gullyThis gull and its fellow feathery friends kept gawking at our stuff. There was this very young small gull too, that was sitting in the sand near the water. And these people who came later on threw bread for the birds and all the gulls except for the little gull came to eat the bread. The little fellow just didn’t seem to know what to do with the bread. It was so adorable to see!

We gave them some paprica chips before we left the beach.

Well… That’s all for now. I’m gonna have myself a smoke now on the balcony without my sunglasses… Cause I forgot to take my sunglasses off at the beach and now look like friggin racoon… It sure looks different that’s for sure! But I rather have a more even tan in my face.

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