Another summer day

Random bla bla

My mom surprised me last week! The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini was on sale and she wanted to be part of the new social media hype for a long time now. And then when we went to the store together, she offered me one of the phones. At first I wasn’t sure how to respond to it. I’ve always been kind of sceptic about the modern smartphones, because it changes people. I always thought how ridiculous it looked when I saw all of them iPhone and other random smartphone kids with their eyes locked on their phone while bumping into other people in the streets. I was very happy with my old smartphone, the one without an OS and a QWERTY keypad. But in store when my mom offered the phone and said she’d like me to have one too so I could help her out with it and when she started to pout when I said no… And so I just couldn’t refuse…

It’s a gorgeous thing, not too big not too small. Unlike it’s bigger siblings like the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4, this one slides right into my pocket. Now all I need is a nifty and handy little cover to protect it against my clumsy self (I’ve already dropped the phone ones on the pavement. Wow, it’s pretty strong, but it sure made my heart stop for a second… Better get it some decent protection.)

Now a week later, I find myself doing the exact things that annoy me about other smartphone users. During conversations I cannot help but keep hold to my phone, because someone send a funny emoticon or a youtube clip through WhatsApp. I find myself snapping pictures during random events or just because my phone is able to do so. I find myself HOOKED on The Sims Freeplay. Yup, I’ve become another one of those annoying smartphone users…

Anywayz… Moving on…

Music Bits…

I received this in my mail from the LP Underground earlier today:

LINKIN PARK is searching for a new sound. For the upcoming LPU13 album, LINKIN PARK wants to collaborate with you on your original song. LINKIN PARK is seeking aspiring musicians for this amazing opportunity. With the help of Red Bull Studios and Hard Rock Cafe, you can win a trip to Los Angeles to record with the band*. Your song may even end up on the upcoming LPU13 album due out later this year.

“Beyond sharing our music and art with the LP community at large, we relish opportunities to empower our fans to share their many talents with us. We’re excited to announce we will continue that tradition through the LPU Sessions, a one of a kind collaborative music-making project,“ says LP guitarist Brad Delson.

For more info and to enter, go to

Wow. Wouldn’t it be neat to actually RECORD a song with them?  You can say what you like about this band, but they sure arrange a lot of cool competitions and ways to meet with their fans. I’ve sent the pink elephant on a solo trip to refind itself again, so I won’t enter myself for this competition. I’ll leave it to the die hards this time. Good luck to those who are entering the competition! I’m sure curious to hear/see how this turns out 🙂

Speaking of musicians who like to bond with their fans… The Backstreet Boys will celebrate their 20th Anniversary on a cruise ship with a bunch of fans in October. The Cruise is completely sold out! The lucky ones who managed to book a ticket for this event will spend their time partying with the Boys, cruising from Miami Florida to the Bahamas and back. Lucky bastards… Lots of the previous Backstreet Cruises have been posted all over youtube and those sure look like a lot of fun.

Oh. And like I mentioned in my previous entry and in entries before; the new Backstreet Boys Album is out in stores since yesterday. I have been too busy to be able to get my claws on a copy yet, because here in The Netherlands the album is orderable on August 2nd. But I’ve reserved my copy online; God bless So psyched to have the album drop in my mailbox sometime next week! Can’t wait!! 😀

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