Ewwww, clowns!

Coulrophobia / Fear of Clowns

According to Wikipedia:

Coulrophobia is a fear of clowns.

imagesThe term is of recent origin, probably dating from the 1980s,[1] and according to one analyst, “has been coined more on the Internet than in printed form because it does not appear in any previously published, psychiatric, unabridged, or abridged dictionary.” However, the author later notes, “regardless of its less-than-verifiable etymology, coulrophobia exists in several lists.”[2]

The prefix coulro- may be a neologism derived from the Ancient Greek word κωλοβαθριστής meaning “stilt-walker.”[nb 1] Although the concept of a clown as a figure of fun was unknown in classical Greek culture,[4] stiltwalking was practiced.

Last night me and my best friend were watching Scary Movie 2. It’s a funny movie with the crazy Wayan Brothers, a parody of the populair Scream movies and other horror movies from around the year 2000. And eventhough I’ve seen the movie in theaters back in 2001, the scenes with the clowns still get to me. You can set me up to watch The Chainsaw Massacre, Saw or any other gory supposedly scary movie and I’d crack up laughing my bubble butt off. But when there’s a clown in the movie, regardless when it’s a movie suited to watch with kids; I just can’t stand it.

So I hid myself behind a pillow during the clown scenes while my best friend peed herself laughing, not expecting me to respond the way I did.

Thankfully there were no more clown scenes after that cause otherwise the movie was a real killer; my best friend laughing to death while I scarE myself to death.

Yeah man, fun times!

I hate clowns. They’re the reason why I avoid going to a circus. That’s why I also think Nicky Minaj is scary. The chick looks like a friggin clown! No offense, she just scares the eebeejeebeez out of me! To my point of view; clowns are the root of all evil; DEMON SPAWN they are. They give me the creeps… **shudders** I really really REALLY hate clowns! I HATE THEM SCARY ASS PAINTED FACES!

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