The flu on a hot summer day…

Random yada yada
It sure has been a while since I’ve posted anything in here… In my last entry I was nagging about the fact that summer was late and bla bla bla. And as soon as I posted that, that same day the weather seemed to have turned around. Which means the sun has finally found its way through the clouds and so I’ve been spending most of my time catching some sunrays. So YAY!

Totally loving the sun! Except for the passed week though, because I have the flu and am still recovering from it. Words cannot express how marvelous it is, to have a fever while the temperature outside is going 30 Celcius. I’m trying not to complain here. I really am. I really love the sun, I really do!

Queen Mashimaro isn’t too pleased with the hot sun. She’s been grumping all day about it. I’ve made her a lettuce smoothie to make sure she drinks and eats enough. I tried making a smoothie for Queen Droppie too, she’s not that into it though. And while I’m making smoothies for my furry little friends I make smoothies for myself as well. So I’m now trying to cool off while listening to some random funky tunes on spotify and youtube and slurping on a nice home-made smoothie made out of frozen fruits. They are to die for, I tell ya. I could sure use the extra vitamine boost anyways!


Music and stuff
So like I said, I’m flicking through Youtube and Spotify to keep me entertained. A while ago, Backstreet Boy AJ McLean collaborated with Finnish Grammy Awarded HipHop Artist Redrama for this amazing track; Clouds. The song is quite catchy and I can actually relate to it 🙂

Speaking of Backstreet Boys… The official music video for Backstreet Boys latest single In A World Like This is out now too. Their new album will be out on July 30th. I CAN’T wait to blast it through my neighborhood with this nice sunny weather 🙂 I am really looking forward to that.

And then there’s this weird ass crazy latin summer tune a bunch of friends of mine have put together, performed by Davito feat Bonita. There’s a music video for it too, check youtube for it if you’d like to see it. To be honest; the song is actually so annoying that it sticks, if that even makes sense? Just check it out on Spotify:

Well then… I really have nothing else to say. I’m going to try to catch some more sunrays now on my balcony. Yes, a very smart thing to try when you have a fever, I know. But screw that. God only knows how long this sunny weather is going to last!

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