Summer where are you?

Gosh, did summer take a wrong turn or something? Here in The Netherlands it’s been more of an autumn goes spring season. My best friend and I were joking about the possibility of summer being postponed until winter. Would be quite interesting to have a palm tree with Christmas and sing tropical christmas carols like “Oh palm tree your coconuts glow so freely”.

But it’s not Christmas yet. Maybe in August the sun will find its way back and bring the summer vibe with it? Would be nice…

My hair experiment worked out this time. Sunday I had this urge to dye my hair which turned out quite different… I looked like Cruella Deville from 101 Dalmatians!

At first I wanted to go to a hair salon to get rid of my unexpected Cruella Deville look, but when they told me how much it was going to cost me to fix everything, with a chance that it could fail and make me look like a Dalmatian instead or worse… So I figured to take the risk and asked for advice from a few experts and decided to buy my own professional hair dye. And I asked my best friend to help me out.

It took us 2 days in total. Had to bleach it all out to then dye it with this dye that would make my hair some shade of brown. My best friend almost had a heart attack when the dye started to turn green on my hair… But thankfully that was just part of the process or something, cause now it’s light brownish like I expected it to become in the first place AND with unexpected highlights 🙂

My best friend was relieved. At least I no longer look like Cruella Deville anymore, so I’m more than happy! To think that 15 years ago I would’ve been thrilled with a look like that.

I’m rambling… I better go do something else now. Hunt for the sun or something…

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