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You know what’s retarded? I’m having trouble sleeping again. Been tossing and turning for a while and then just decided to give up and scoop the internet for some random entertainment…. And since I’m online anyways I figured to nag about the insomnia again in my online diary, because it sort of is becoming a usual thing to do. To nag about sleepless nights in here, in the hopes it’ll make me sleepy.

Bla bla bla…. Anyhow…

It’s been a while since I’ve had another sleepless night. My last night of insomnia was in fact 2 days ago! I had been up all night, glued onto my computer. All because I reinstalled The Sims 2 again from a torrent a few weeks ago. Sims 2 is so much fun. I love how the aliens abduct a male sim, impregnate him and then have the guy give birth to twins! That’s what happened in my game, anyways. It’s hilarious.

Gosh, it is morning already over here and I’ve barely slept for an hour. The birds are actually singing. I’ve got a personal bird orchestra that provides me with my unneeded dose of daily chirps. There’s a nest near my balcony and I hung some bird seeds up for the buggers. And man, do those lil fellows make a lot of noise when they’re eating…

Tomorrow… Or actually, later today I will go to a hair salon to fix my hair. Cause I had this clever idea last Sunday to dye my hair blonde (I’ve got black hair by origin). And I use this special brand for black hair, normally it works out just fine. But somehow the dye didn’t work proper this time. The root of my hair is blonde and the rest is black… It looks really weird. Yesterday I tried to fix it with some more dye but only made things worse. So in a few hours from now I am going to a professional in the hopes that they can fix my hair…

Well now, I think I’m going to pinch Droppie and try to have a nap… Or play some tetris, I don’t know yet.

2 thoughts on “Insert random title here

  1. Sleepless nights are a drag, I have a lot of those too! What’s a Droppie, though??

    I’ve saved your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.

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