Update: Mashimaro at the vet

AgfaPhotoWell, I have just returned from the vet. Mashimaro is staying there for the night. It appears that there is something wrong with her bladder, so the vet noticed. They need to make an x-ray to be able to make a proper diagnosis.

We were allowed to wish Mashimaro a good night and help the staff get her to the “guest room” where she will be spending the night. I sure am worried about the fact of leaving little Mashimaro all by herself there at night; I trust the vet, they know what they are doing. It’s just weird having to leave her, to come home without her and to look at her cage in the living room, without her in it.

As I had feared, Mashimaro flew again at the vet. Thank God we were the last ones with an appointment! It would’ve been kind of  tricky if Mashimaro flew right through the entire vet facility, while having dogs and cats in the waiting room…

AgfaPhotoThe vet’s assistant was a real good sport though, she coped with Mashimaro’s flying ability very well. But as soon as she placed Mashimaro in her cage for the night, the little Queen flew right over the shoulders of the assistant to land right under this massive cage with wheels! It took a while before they managed to finally get her inside of a cage and the assistant made sure to write a big note to warn the rest of the staff that the adorable lil Mashimaro flies and fast too.

I sure hope the staff will survive Mashimaro’s temper. I sure hope all is well with Mashimaro there all by herself. She’s sharing the guest room with a sick kitten, she’s never heard kittens before so I sure wonder what her responce to it is. Most of all, I just hope Queen Mashimaro will be ok and that I can get her home as soon as possible.

4 thoughts on “Update: Mashimaro at the vet

  1. Hi!

    I like you a lot. I read your blog whenever I can. Your rabbits are cute. Please write more about them!


  2. Hopefully the Queen isn’t too stressed. I’ve yet to meet a flying bunny and I’ve met a few bunnies in my lifetime. She sounds very special. I’m sure the vets know what they are doing.

    1. The flying ability runs in the family, both Queen Mashimaro and Queen Droppie fly whenever we have vet visits.

      Thank you for the kind words 🙂

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