Van Gogh: Skull with burning Cigarette

Vincent van Gogh was a Dutch painter, born on March 30 in 1853. Throughout his life, this poor man was underrated and misunderstood for his unique works. The same works that are now worth millions never made him a dime. Most of his brilliant paintings, sketches and more are now viewable in the Van Gogh Museum.

Van Gogh was a sad man, some say he was bi-polar. He went through emotional rollercoasters throughout his short life and eventually ended up killing himself, so it’s been said anyway. But in Van Gogh: the Life, a biography published in 2011, authors Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith argue that van Gogh did not commit suicide. According to them, he was shot accidentally by two boys who had “a malfunctioning gun”.

Aside from sadness, he also had a strange sense of humor, the kind I can appreciate. Just take a look at the painting above, for instance. It’s been said that Vincent van Gogh made it when he enrolled at the art academy in Antwerp.  This skull with a cigarette was likely meant as a joke, and probably also as a responce to the conservative academic practice. I absolutely love this painting 😀

Long before I hit puberty I seriously adored this man, his paintings and his life story. We all feel misunderstood and underappreciated at one point, we all feel lonely and depressed at one point. He was my childhood hero, along with Stephen Spielberg, and DJ Kat and lots of cartoon characters like My Little Pony, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Biker Mice From Mars. My parents never understood it.

Anywayz… Vincent van Gogh rocks, that’s all I really wanted to say.

And I am SO psyched right now! For THIS MONDAY on the 11th of March, they are airing a short television series on a Dutch national TV channel about Vincent van Gogh. It is called ‘Van Gogh; Een huis voor Vincent’ (translated: Van Gogh, A House For Vincent).

Just look at the trailer: (it’s in Dutch but youtube provides crooked captions in English)

The series tells the story of Vincent van Gogh, through the eyes of his cousin Willem van Gogh, his only heir. The show has caused some drama already, Van Gogh’s relatives were protesting about the show last year when it was still in production. The Van Gogh family think the show is displaying them as a bunch of money hungry idiots…. The makers of the show have admitted that they dramatized a few things to the story, but most of it is based on research.

Well whatever. I’m PSYCHED I can’t wait to see it, I am SO excited and I am just BEYOND myself right now; I am FANGIRLING over Vincent van Gogh.

I better go…

13 thoughts on “Van Gogh: Skull with burning Cigarette

  1. I love Van Gogh and this show you mention sounds marvelous! My Dutch is just as good as my Chinese, though… I hope someone will translate this to English sometime so that others may watch it too.

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