Linkin Park – Powerless PROMO VIDEO for Power The World

It’s Saturday and here in The Netherlands it is getting colder again; The weather forecast warns us Dutchies for more snow ahead. But at least most of us have the luxury to be able to turn the heat up.

Even though things are going bad financially even in the western civilization, there are people out there who are doing way worse. For instance; Imagine not having any electricity at all!

Over a billion people—one in five human beings on the planet—don’t have access to sustainable energy.  They are working and studying in the dark.  They are cooking and heating their homes using dung or kerosene, breathing in toxic smoke that causes lung disease and kills nearly two million people every year. Most of them are women and children.

Mike Shinoda

Even small gestures can make a big difference. My favorite band, Linkin Park, has put up these amazing campaigns to raise awareness and make a difference. Join them and thousands of others; Read all about their amazing work and help Power The World with them and bring some Music For Relief. And, check out Linkin Park’s promo video:

2 thoughts on “Linkin Park – Powerless PROMO VIDEO for Power The World

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