Happy International Women Day!

It is Friday, March 8 and today it is International Women’s Day. A day to be proud and grateful towards the powerful women in our lives. Women like our grandmothers, mothers, aunts, sisters, girlfriends, wives and of course (if you’re a woman) ourselves.

In this modern world there still are plenty of chauvinistic men today who still think a (young) woman should look and act a certain way.

I don’t know about other women out there, but sometimes I do think it’s quite disturbing how men will treat you differently simply because you’re appealing to the eye, simply because you’re a girl. And some of us women take advantage of this, some of us regret taking advantage of this, some rather not use this advantage at all.

Men are quite simple creatures, really. But some are too simple creatures, dangerously simple in fact. Once you’ve smiled, winked and showed cleavage some of these dangerously simple creatures will right away assume you are willing to do more.  Would they treat their own mothers that way? Some actually would… So much for equal rights, so much for equal respect. Then again; Everyone their thing, of course.

I think it is good to reflect on the day a bunch of women stood strong together and decided to strike and say no to all the years of mistreatment. To say no to gender discrimination. To take a stand and fight for equal rights, for the right to vote, the right to be able to make the same amount of money as a male co-worker doing the same job. For the right to be able to get promoted and even be able to run a company or a country even. To demand some well deserved respect.

It’s also good to consider all the bad things that happen to women all over the world, simply because of their gender. In some countries, even parts of  western society, some women still don’t make the same salary for the same job her male co-worker does.

And what about young girls who are forced to marry a man twice or trice their age? Or baby girls who get aborted simply because the parents and their government prefer baby boys instead? What about women being used as farm animals, simply to give birth to adoptable babies? What about human trafficking, forced prostitution, sexual harassment in the workplace, domestic violence…  The list is endless when it comes to unfairness towards women world-wide.

Let’s face it: Even in the year 2013 there are still people out there who don’t want women to have equal rights.

But it is nice that today is a day to celebrate International Women’s Day. A day to reflect on the power of a woman and to be proud of being a woman.

It is also a day to remind us ladies that there is still lots that needs to be done. Like raising our daughters to be strong and proud of who they are, and to be able to say no and respect themselves. To not look down on other women simply because they act or look a certain way, regardless of their age; but to embrace them, support them, root for them.

The ongoing battle to be considered more than just a pair of boobs hasn’t ended yet and it probably never will. But the real strength lies in the ability to keep believing in the powerful woman in ourselves, regardless of the boobs who only consider us to be a pair of boobs!

Well… I guess all I really wanted to say is;

3 thoughts on “Happy International Women Day!

  1. Amasing way to raise awareness of troubles in world. Every day is woman day, not just march 8 🙂

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