Detox Fashion Campaign

Another great campaign by Greenpeace;

The Detox campaign is powered by more than half a million people, demanding toxic-free fashion and clean water. You too can take action today by signing the Detox Fashion Manifesto and add your voice to a global movement demanding fashion without pollution.

Let’s challenge the world’s most popular clothing brands together to work with their suppliers and eliminate all releases of hazardous chemicals into our water!

7 thoughts on “Detox Fashion Campaign

  1. I wonder if actions like these work? What’s the point in putting a clove on a statue that is already flipping the bird at everyone? I don’t get it…

    Greenpeace is a bunch of crock, btw.

  2. I really enjoy reading on this internet site, it contains superb content. “The living is a species of the dead and not a very attractive one.” by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche.

  3. Even small gestures help to make a difference in this world. I signed the petition in a few seconds! Thanks for alerting others about this campaign!

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