Dutch Queen Says “Later gator!”

After 33 years, Queen Beatrix van Oranje Nassau is putting down her crown and stepping off her throne to pass it on to her son; Willem Alexander.  She announced it herself live on TV only a few minutes ago. It’s all over Twitter and the other social media now.The Queen will turn 75-years-old in a few days (on January 31st) from now and thinks it’s best to allow the new generation to take over. And so on the 30th of April, on the date when we in Holland celebrate Queensday, our Dutch Queen will officially abdicate, in other words retire.

Like many Dutchies I am a little dumbfounded about the announcement. But am not surprised, though. We all knew it was going to happen some day. Unlike the British Queen, Beatrix knows when to quit 😛

It’s been like 122 years since The Netherlands had a king, we’ve had queens so far throughout the years. Talk about real girlpower, huh? How about having a woman on the Dutch throne for over 100 years XD.

I sure wonder how Prince Willem Alexander will handle himself as King Willem Alexander. Part of me hopes he will kick some butt. It’s going to be quite interesting, I’m sure of that. It’s been quite messy in The Netherlands, politically wise. Maybe King Willem Alexander will get rid of the endless fails the Dutch politicians like Prime Minister Mark Rutte and his goons have made so far… This country needs someone with a real set of balls.


The Queen did say that she won’t be out of the picture completely. I sure hope this means we will keep having traditions like Queensday… Although I’m hearing speculations on the news now that Prince Willem Alexander would like to have a Kingsday instead, next year… Which is fine, but celebrating the queen’s birthday is a tradition he should keep, too. Would be lame to break a tradition like that 😦

But for now the entire country is probably looking forward to party hard on Queensday for the last time, aparently. Thank you Your Majesty the Queen, for 3 amazing and interesting decades!

I am now going to feed the Queens of the house. Queen Mashimaro and Queen Droppie are begging for their food again.

3 thoughts on “Dutch Queen Says “Later gator!”

  1. The Dutch Royalty has always tickled my curiosity and the way you describe your Queen is very interesting to read. She sounds like a nice person. Thanks for sharing and take care.

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