Happy Birthday Nick Carter

It’s Monday the 28th of January. Today Backstreet Boy Nick Carter has turned 33. He celebrated this special event by throwing  an exclusive birthday party in Vegas with a bunch of lucky fans. How cool is that; To be able to attend the birthday party of your favorite heart-throb!? Leave it up to Nick Carter to keep his fans smiling 😀

Hope they are all having a wonderful day. Especially hope Nick is having a good time, since it is his birthday and all.

Time sure flies, don’t it? I remember when this man was still a boy, prancing in the rain while singing “Quit Playing Games” with his mates and made all the teenage girls in high school squeal like insane bitches. I remember having to defend myself on the school’s play ground because I said “Sure, the blond one’s kinda cute” and therefore apparently had agreed to go into a bitch fight. All for Nick Carter. Yeah, he sure helped a lot of girls through puberty one way or the other 😛

In all seriousness, though. I can’t wait for Backstreet Boys to come with their new album. I can’t wait to stomp bitches and attend a new Backstreet Boys concert. Yes, I am looking forward to it already. Cause there just ain’t no party like a Backstreet Boys party XD

Anywayz… Happy B-Day Nick Carter! Burn up the party *shake-shake-shake-that-ass* Cheers!

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