Disturbed kids for life!

Isn’t it fun to get older? Some people look older than they are. Some look younger than they really are. Yeah, the process of an aging body is just wow. And most of us hope to maintain that “baby” face for a long while.

But when you’re almost going 30 and still need to show your fucking ID for a bottle of vodka, I just.. don’t know whether to consider that a compliment anymore?

((Just so you know: In The Netherlands, you can buy a beer and a pack of smokes legally at age 16 and hard liqour at age 18.))

I couldn’t help but laugh. Whatelse can ya do? Then I told her that after 15 years of hearing that same “show me your ID” joke, it somehow still makes me laugh. I also told her my date of birth. The poor thing tried to “make up” for her first question by blurting out “It’s a compliment! You look young. It’s because of your eyes, they look like you had a life without struggles.” I couldn’t help but laugh even more at those words. No struggles in my life? *laughs* I just thanked her for that extra boost to my ego.

Or how about this one: A few years ago, I was in a supermarket with a guy I used to date. He was a few years older than me and hadn’t shaved (I like facial hair XD). And we were in a hurry. So I figured, while he was packing up the groceries, I’d headed to the cigarette lady to buy a new pack of smokes for him and me. The lady asked me for ID. But I forgot my ID, so I laughed it off and said “I’m not 15 anymore”. She didn’t believe me. I tried telling her my date of birth. She didn’t believe me. I showed her the (few) annoying strings of gray hair that refused to absorb the brown hair dye. She still didn’t believe me. Then my guy came, “Babe, what’s taking so long?” And I just blurted out; “Well hon’, according to this lady you are dating a 15-year-old.” You should’ve seen his face. You should’ve seen her face. You should’ve seen how fast she got the packs of cigarettes then…


My best friend and I both don’t look our age. My sister doesn’t look her age. I do somehow look younger than my sister, who is infact 2.5 years younger than me.  It’s my mom’s fault; she still looks 20 years younger than her actual age (I am not bragging here. It really sucks when you’re in a store and a guy your age starts hitting on your mom because he assumes she’s closer to his age than you are).

And so we asked each other how it is possible that we stay so “young”.  Because I personally don’t think we do anything that different from other people. My best friend and I smoke like a chimney. My sister and I both enjoy a nice couple of shots of vodka or Jack Daniels every now and then… As does my best friend.

So we tried to sum up what contributed or not to our (apparently) youthful appearance so far. Here’s what we discovered that didn’t really matter to our aging process;

  • It has nothing to do with the amount of struggles you go through in life.
  • It has nothing to do with whether or not you smoke or drink alcohol.
  • It has nothing to do with those silly”anti aging” beauty products (I only use plain Nivea creme, every now and then).

What kind of mattered in the process (for as far as we noticed of ourselves):

  • It does have to do with the amount of make-up you wear
  • It helps to dye your grey hair…
  • It helps to have youthfulness in your genes

Make up can make you look younger/older, depending on how you apply it of course. And I know they sell all these supposed BB-cremes and other cover-up make up that are supposedly healthier and supposedly even reduce wrinkles and such…. But I took my mom’s example; She NEVER used any foundation cream in her entire life (except for eye-liner and some lipgloss/lipstick) and her skin is still elastic and she hardly has any wrinkles.

So aside from eye-liner and lipgloss/lipstick I try to avoid using any foundation cream. I’m going 30 this year and I’ve only used a foundation cream on special occasions or when I look really sick since about 2 years. And I still need to show my ID when I want to buy a bottle of alcohol to proof I’m not a teenager anymore… My sister and my best friend both use foundation a little more frequent, though.

What matters the most;

  • We are disturbed, psycho big kids that don’t know how to act/dress our age. And we laugh a lot

My mom still digs through my clothes whenever she has the chance to, to go to a party in MY new boots and MY cute butterfly-sleeve blouse. I’m glad she doesn’t like my Elmo nor my Spongebob T-Shirt, though…

We don’t even need drugs or alcohol to act crazy, we act crazy on our own (and the alcohol/drugs just makes things even crazier). We laugh and joke about EVERYTHING (no matter how disturbing). We laugh, even when there’s nothing to laugh about.

Yes, we have fun wherever we are. We act like kids, no matter how old we really are. We even throw a fit in the store and fall to the floor bawling over the bag of candy we are not allowed to have. I still climb in a shopping cart to be smashed to the wall.

My sis and I still watch kids shows and cartoons (from My Little Pony to South Park) and we still play video games. I confess that when I have to babysit my best friend’s kid and I play with her dolls, her lego or whatever toys she wants to play with that I still enjoy it as much as I did when I was a kid. I confess that when I’m in a toy store I still crave to play with anything I see there. I even enjoy running around in the playgrounds and going on the swing or the see-saw with the kid.

Seriously, what’s the point in being so damned uptight, serious and all “grown up” all the time? And why bother “acting” your age? I prefer being a big kid instead and have fun XD

Note to self: Uh oh, you’re rambling again… 

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