Dances with kids?

Yesterday was a fun and interesting day. I had promised my best friend’s 9-year-old I’d be there to watch her swimming lessons. And I was allowed to come and watch along with the other moms and dads during her ballet and street dance lessons.  My friend’s kid is doing ballet for quite a few years now. She loves to dance. And since this month the kid’s been able to take street dance lessons too.

The ballet was fun to see. She’ll be doing a real show with a wider audience in the summer. But she prefers the street dancing so I’ve noticed. But that’s because of the more funky tunes she gets to dance to in comparison with her ballet lessons. She was really anxious to show what dance moves she learned with the other kids.

You could tell some of the kids were a little nervous the adults staring at them. So was the teacher who gave the street dance lessons. apparently it was her second time teaching… While we were sitting there watching the kids do their dance routines in front of the mirror, my best friend and I couldn’t help but feel the need to dance too.

Luckily the kids had a short break and that was our opportunity to ask whether we as adults could join the kids during this lesson. The teacher thought it was a good idea. And so after the break we ended up dancing with the kids to *gags* Justin Bieber *gags* and *boom-boom-boom* Black Eyed Peas. It was fun and so infectious!

By the end of the dance class most of the other moms and dads were dancing along too and the kids were no longer nervous. It was mad fun XD

I’ma eat now and go watch Karate Kid with Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith. And then go watch the version with good old Mister Myagi.

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